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windyx t1_j54h5k0 wrote

This is like the 20th time I see this website promoted on different subreddits, and every time it gets shit on. Check op's post history.


Ethra2k t1_j566gcm wrote

I remember their other posts getting criticized, and for good reason as they didn’t make sense


Lawrentius t1_j544ysb wrote

Chocolate, cheese and bread what


hypnos_surf t1_j54pmog wrote

Really nice mozzarella or goat cheese goes well with chocolate.

There are a lot of popular deserts that are chocolate, cheese and bread/carbs like cheesecake and cannoli.


SyrupnBeavers t1_j5490ad wrote

They make/made Cheese Kitkat in Japan. Wafer isn't technically bread but it's pretty close.


kai325d t1_j54brg5 wrote

Those don't have chocolate


SyrupnBeavers t1_j54cq2d wrote

Darn. I happened to spot them once when I was at an Asian market and I wasn't brave enough to buy one. The regret has been haunting me for years but I suppose it's a relief to hear they were a bit more normal than I initially thought!


ecodemo t1_j54pm1b wrote

It can be great

Saint Marcellin on traditional baguette with a thin square of 70-80% dark chocolate of top is one of my favourite snacks. Goes great with a glass of red wine.

Some people like chocolate with quite intense cheeses like bleu, but I personally prefer young white soft cow or goat cheese that will balance the intensity of a very dark chocolate with their creaminess.


darryljenks t1_j54tmi1 wrote

I ate that all the time as a kid in Denmark. It was pretty good.


cosHinsHeiR t1_j54rsr9 wrote

Onion and watermelon sounds like another good one.


Oasis0 t1_j55kk3h wrote

Have you ever tried it? Chocolate and cheese is so good imo.


rainmace t1_j56b3hd wrote

In Indonesia they have something called Martabak, and you can get the sweet dessert kind. It’s basically like fried bread or dough, almost like French toast, and you can get it with chocolate, cheese, banana, nuts. And that’s not to mention just like sweet toast or toasties which are literally just like fried pieces of brioche or sweet bread with these ingredients put on top of it


ns0 OP t1_j5453lk wrote

You just listed what you'd put on a charcuterie board


kai325d t1_j54bsla wrote

Who the fuck put bread and chocolate on a charcuterie board


CrackersII t1_j55hysz wrote

I've had bread and chocolate on charcuterie board at multiple places. i would say it is weird to not have bread


chocowich t1_j54fclq wrote

seppos and their diabetic cuisine.

have you ever tried bacon-covered chocolate? or was it chocolate-covered bacon?


Lawrentius t1_j54i7ap wrote

I heard Ukrainians enjoy pork fat (salo) with chocolate. Haven't tried it, but I heard good things.


Toncent t1_j549m42 wrote

Watermelon and Onion. Hmm...


613vc420 t1_j56bqfd wrote

Watermelon in a salad with feta? BAM

Want to go further? Grill the melon


ssjskipp t1_j54v9gl wrote

But wouldn't that create bland combinations? You need complimenting things, not overlapping things.


gnocchiGuili t1_j57g1qc wrote

I made a tomato salad with tomato sauce and tomato water. Bon appétit.


TheShroomHermit t1_j542l6h wrote

I tried Pine Nut and my top matches were leeks at 91.11% and persimmons at 89.8%. Neither seem to be related taxonomically, culinarily or flavor-wise.


LargeHadron_Colander t1_j55dusq wrote

All I can tell you is that I know of Korean dishes with pine nut and containing green onion or leek. Also persimmons are popular there too.


GrumpyRaider t1_j54i1hz wrote

Careful when typing the URL, or you might see another kind of vegetables.


ShinyTotoro t1_j54ke3u wrote

you mean 'rotten tomatoes', right? because is long gone


GrumpyRaider t1_j54mtwn wrote

Was thinking of but both works actually lmao. Didn’t know rotten was gone, didn’t visit it since I was a teenager because we thought it was cool (it wasn’t)


DemonsRage83 t1_j54ssjl wrote

They did say vegetable. Tomatoes are fruit.

They probably meant Rotten Cauliflower or something.


ShinyTotoro t1_j54ysak wrote

Fruit as a part of a plant, yes. And cauliflower is flowers actually. But then, what even is a vegetable? I think we're getting philosophical here ;)


RC1000ZERO t1_j55bs2m wrote

Botanical fruit, a vegetable if looking at it from a nutrioniost viewpoint


DemonsRage83 t1_j56ktg1 wrote

I've seen too many nutritionists with conflicting viewpoints.


extracoffeeplease t1_j54rlkh wrote

When I took my first job at a small startup around food pairing, they were doing exactly the same. Flavor pairing by "has the same aromas" sucks.

It's much better to look which ingredients are used together a lot in recipes. Much like a "users who watched video X also watch video Y".


SilverTroop t1_j554xgr wrote

rotten recipes is just about the worst name one could possibly give to anything food related


fozziwoo t1_j57h07a wrote

i only had a quick squints but it seems quite apt


TheW83 t1_j57n3u2 wrote

But that's what it gives you. Rotten recipes. It is true to its name.


McTwiszt t1_j54lwxf wrote

Liquorice with chocolate, bread, pasta, shrimp or breakfast cereals? As someone who visits Finland on a regular basis, I don't see any problem here.


Drugtrain t1_j55ictf wrote

>no blue cheese

Well fu then


Kesha_Paul t1_j55z8lv wrote

Can’t wait to try my buttermilk salmon hot chocolate 😋


fozziwoo t1_j57guyx wrote

fwiw, caviar goes well with white chocolate


Opposite-Reserve-109 t1_j55cis6 wrote

Almost got me there. Good disguise good disguise. But I am not falling for that


KHUSTOM t1_j57da16 wrote

Kiwi & Mushrooms 🥴🤮


krashlia t1_j58jd35 wrote

...Anyone born before the year 2000 was imagining a *completely* different website when they saw that it was named "Rotten".


LOAARR t1_j5766b5 wrote

What a stupid fucking website name.

OP you're being stupid, stop that.


-Firestar- t1_j57w7sk wrote

TIL "ethereal" is some kind of flavor or smell.


allyson1969 t1_j54smfw wrote

The internet IS beautiful! Love this!