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good_smelling_hammer t1_j5nh70o wrote

Well that’s an hour of my life I’ll never get back (only kidding, it was very entertaining!)


pm_me_your_rigs t1_j5p0tfb wrote

How does Google Street View have dolphins


enilea t1_j5q7bnb wrote

Many of these are photospheres (the ones uploaded by users that show up as blue dots), not street view. There are a couple of official underwater street view through their trekker program, but I think this instance is a photosphere.


good_smelling_hammer t1_j5pbkd2 wrote

Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t notice this at first but you can get a 360 view also!


deecoocoo t1_j5nicwt wrote

Very nice.. feels like travelling all over the world


CENSORED_01 t1_j5pi94n wrote


prettycheerleader t1_j5qr68q wrote

The former Mrs. prettycheerleader got into such a big argument with her first husband while they were on a vacation that she demanded to be let out of the car in the middle of nowhere. He drove off and didn't return for an hour.


Thickthok t1_j5ot0d9 wrote

lol mine was inside a Trader Joe’s


bryanjamesinteractiv t1_j5q2aw3 wrote

This is great! It's a little bit wonky compared to when it first released ten years ago, but I was part of the team who created something very similar to this called The Secret Door:


beefjerky9 t1_j5r5dwx wrote

This one gives me very MYST-like vibes. But, thankfully better than 256 colors...


CognaticCognac t1_j5t7k9r wrote

Love this site and always a pleasure to see new things there.

I just hope that Google Maps API calls are not too expensive for the developer to maintain this particular project.


xoomax t1_j5pcwga wrote

I love venturing into other countries and driving, walking or bicycling through other places. It was really cool to stumble into an underwater street view.


coy-minoy t1_j5q2mji wrote

yay alberta made it in there


hel112570 t1_j5qwlo9 wrote

Haha "The Basket" is on the cover!