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SaifKhayoon OP t1_j6dfnuz wrote

The title is a bit inaccurate beside simplifying the whole of the field to just "statistics" I grouped in AI with Machine learning, when AI is actually a humongous field encompassing things from video game enemies to roombas, machine learning learning is a field within AI and deep learning which is the most impressive is a subfield of that


knockonformica t1_j6ejgn0 wrote

This is absolutely incredible! It's a great visualization for statistics and probability. I'm always reading academic medical studies & having a stats refresher like this is so helpful. I know a bunch of colleagues would benefit from seeing the concepts portrayed visually.

I am going to share this with any students I have. Thanks again!!


canttouchmypingas t1_j6ey1q8 wrote

Thanks for the follow up comment I was about to rage about the statistics thing