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rjolivet t1_j97lslb wrote

The world does not need this.


Horzzo t1_j9aog1t wrote

Obnoxious thumbnails are the worst. The work because dumb kids will tend to click on them unfortunately.


s_end_nudes t1_j9baken wrote

This is the advice it gave me.

1/10 rating for a thumbnail with a 6.8% CTR & 43.9% average % viewed over 2 years.

Add expressive faces to the thumbnail. (It had 2 impossibly expressive faces)

The image needs to have good contrast and saturation in the colors (huge red & green highlights against a more dull BG)

Add short, bold and contrasted text on the thumbnail ( The text was "PROS" and CONS")

It's usually better to limit the number of elements in the thumbnail to a handful to make them more visible and eye-catchy (There was 2 people, a background image, 2 words, and a title.)


CpGrover t1_j9cfaan wrote

Don't forget a big arrow pointing at nothing in particular


teflong t1_j9d7vqp wrote

Unbuild it.