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xoomax t1_j9gngup wrote

This is very cool. I've launched two from China not too far apart and they took very different paths. I guess this is the jet stream.

Coincidentally, I'm listening to BBC World Service and there is a story on Spy Balloons as I played around!


import_torch-nn OP t1_j9gq3lc wrote

I see, a smol deviation in initial conditions can definitely cause a huge difference in outcome in chaotic systems like these


BobSchwaget t1_j9gsyfd wrote

It would be cool to add a function to control the balloon's altitude. That would manage the chaos enough you could then add goals like trying to pass over as many target cities as possible in a single go around the earth.


import_torch-nn OP t1_j9gx54p wrote

That is true

Tho, the total size of the data chunks will be a torture to the server machine


-FourOhFour- t1_j9h1wuv wrote

Would be giving it the good Ole reddit hug of death if you did that


DarthWeenus t1_j9ijieq wrote

Thats a massive undertaking considering all the data.


NETSPLlT t1_j9hbpyd wrote

It really comes down to how fast, and how many of, those butterfly wings are flapping.


ThatCakeIsDone t1_j9h8rjl wrote

I launched two from China, one went over northern Montana (lol), the other went through Texas