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import_torch-nn OP t1_j9grvjc wrote

Hi all! Thanks for all of your support, it really blew up!

The website is lagging right now and I am working on upgrading the serversThank you for your patience

Edit: the 2nd server is almost ready now! I will need to install the SSL cert which may cause the site to slightly break for a minute

Edit 2: both servers are fully up and running now! thanks for y'all's patience and support!


turbineslut t1_j9ipuiy wrote

Did you know about ? They have a predictor too for actual launches. I’ve used it to launch three balloons years ago.

And the live tracker for actual balloons


import_torch-nn OP t1_j9jpviy wrote

yep! I learnt about it from other comments

they are the professional side of this topic


turbineslut t1_j9k8x9m wrote

Well back when I participated they were actually just a bunch of volunteers/hobbyists doing it in their free time. Not sure if a part of it has been professionalized by now. But yea, it's all very slick.


jeweliegb t1_j9iodhq wrote

It's brilliantly fun, educational, and quite surprising!