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fairlyPertain t1_jdgsxs5 wrote

A husband and wife joke where the punchline is not infidelity?Blasphemous!


AdministrativeFox784 t1_jdgxyno wrote

Afterwards my wife had sex with the guy and the police officers joined in too! Can you believe it?!


rigabamboo t1_jdig3yf wrote

Then the wife removes her wig to reveal it was the bus driver the whole time.


Delicious_Throat_377 t1_jdilxq8 wrote

What a plot twist


Waitsfornoone t1_jdk7etr wrote

That wily Bus Driver always seems to show up when kinky sex is involved.


Me_is_irish t1_jdh464n wrote

Must of been the cop from Tennessee lol


Talik1978 t1_jdhorga wrote

They should send that woman to Ohio, so that she can show that state how to run a train.


Lazaruzo t1_jdi6o1t wrote

I wish I could give you an award 😂😂😂


EwoksMakeMeHard t1_jdhhzo9 wrote

The grammar in your comment is as good as the grammar in your username.


theplutosys t1_jdhqw6x wrote

ok grammar nazi, literally nobody cares


EwoksMakeMeHard t1_jdhs8lw wrote

Well I care, so you are incorrect when you say that "literally" no one cares.


kbauer14 t1_jdhts7n wrote

I also care. Grammar is important.


theplutosys t1_jdhv5s8 wrote

Metaphorical “literally”

Why the hell does it matter? The message is still conveyed either way


TheWiseOne1234 t1_jdhxuqb wrote

Well, some apparently don't care that you don't care, even though you do! How about that? :)


Luked0g44O t1_jdjiw3x wrote

I could care less, butt I won’t bother today.


theprofessa808 t1_jdhj6ht wrote

Instead it's a "my wife is bad at driving" joke ha ha ha


JukePlz t1_jdhmn5c wrote

there's no mentions of cars or driving tho. I think it's just a joke about marital violence, since "accident" is ambiguous

edit: Why the fuck am I getting downvoted? You people see CAR written there?


RanCestor t1_jdha54k wrote

It's a different category from the "3 people go to a bar" joke I think.