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Papadopium t1_jed8vr9 wrote

Because this is what they like to do in general not only at telling jokes!


RogerPirate_ t1_jediesx wrote

They suck at telling jokes ‘cause they got better business to mind..


Spike-Ball t1_jedtdj4 wrote

I still don't know what LGBT stands for; every time I ask, i never get a straight answer.


sirpunsalot69 t1_jeeaevg wrote

Alright let’s stop with the gay jokes.

Cum on you guyzzz.


DesignerTex t1_jeeo1xn wrote

They have a mouth full of......oh nevermind. Straight face, got it.


Informal_Thought3158 t1_jeer6nx wrote

I'm not gay but my boyfriend is, he prob reach around and slap me if he heard me say that


Positive_Ad_2458 t1_jeeswp6 wrote

Idk. One of the best jokes I ever heard was from a lesbian comedienne who's skit went, "There would be less lesbians in the world if men were any good to women in bed. Like, there should be a whore house for women Where the men are paid to listen and act like they care about what their clients are dealing with, pedicures, and massages. And later, at that moment of climax (which has a money-back guaranteed delivery.) the men have to cry out, "CAN'T BELIEVE HOW GREAT YOUR SHOES MATCH YOUR DRESS!!!. She also said that she likes to mess with men and that the last man she was with asked if he had hurt her when she groaned. Her response was, "No your not hurting me; your ANNOYING me! You think you could hurt me with that ?!!!" I mean ouch!!! But still funny as shit. 😆


shantired t1_jeex1rc wrote

DeSantis? I thought you were battling Disney.


AdExtra2795 t1_jef59ox wrote

I’m transgender and it seems like my son would just stare through me as if I wasn’t even there.

Then it dawned on me.

I’m a trans-parent!


LogicalComa t1_jefdx4a wrote

I think this one would also be good with "Why are gay people not good at poker?" >Because they can't keep a straight face.


DezzyLad t1_jefj9r4 wrote

I was going to make a gay joke... Butt fuck it.


AverageOccidental t1_jefohdx wrote

Ngl I thought the punchline was gonna be something really bad like “‘Cause they’re good at it”


Sonyguyus t1_jeftmky wrote

I thought it was because they’d couldn’t wait to get to the end


tucktight t1_jefxfdr wrote

Because they're too busy sucking cock?


SterlingToguy t1_jeg3fcy wrote

You’re clearly missing seeing the funny gays like Steve de gay


GU2CU t1_jeg5j4u wrote

The cell mate turned to his cell mate with that look. I’m ready for you come over here. They begin to move closer to each other. And the one cell mate begins to take control of the situation. Turns his partner around and is now behind him. He begins to kiss and nip at his ear behind him. The other cells stays. Stop that. No fucking gay shit!


AdAcceptable1700 t1_jegjq3f wrote

I am a wish-sexual. I wish someone was available for sex!🤣🤣


mac2914 t1_jegtxpj wrote

Their delivery is tough to swallow.


misterflerfy t1_jeh552x wrote

i have an r/antijokes version but i think it would get me a ban