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AKLmfreak t1_jdri1r4 wrote

Loool, I don’t care where you stand, this is funny.


[deleted] t1_jds09yd wrote



GodRa12 t1_jdsoh1h wrote

Just don't stand on the couch. It's bad manners


My_Balls_Itch_123 OP t1_jdstpvz wrote

And jumping on it will ruin your career for a little while, but then you'll come back with Mission Impossible and Top Gun 2.


HaoshokuArmor t1_jdsgrme wrote

I stand with the cabinet.


vyprrgirl t1_jdss0ys wrote

I stand with the night


Ok-disaster2022 t1_jdsshzq wrote

I stand with justice


vyprrgirl t1_jdstkjk wrote

Ok, but I can’t put my glasses on a justice stand like I can a night stand when going to bed


JBYTuna t1_jdtwkgx wrote

I stand on the door mat.


Oudeis16 t1_jdsu05o wrote

And I don't care where you stand, it's also funny to laugh about that time Trump tried to fuck a flag on national TV.


Picholasido_o t1_jdrnntj wrote

Repost it tomorrow, change the name, watch the karma just rooooll in


Alysdad t1_jdt9l20 wrote

I love lamp


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_jds74hi wrote

Why did Mayor Pete go into the Cabinet?


Because he can't go back in the closet.


JADW27 t1_jdslib7 wrote

This is an awesome joke, but I'd switch it up to "Why did Biden put Mayor Pete in his cabinet? Because he couldn't put him back in the closet."

Still, I hadn't heard this before, and it's a great joke.


JBYTuna t1_jdtwpi7 wrote

I identify as a door knob. It was the only way to get out of the closet!


Waitsfornoone t1_jdrfunp wrote

This is what happens when octogenarians stay up past their nap time.


[deleted] t1_jdrig6n wrote



Valuable-Banana96 t1_jdthzzk wrote

Every time Biden opens his mouth he makes you think he's had a stroke.

Every time Trump opens his mouth he makes you think you've had a stroke.


FlashpointJ24 t1_jdtqmp7 wrote

The CEO of IKEA was just elected president.

His first order of business is to assemble his cabinet.


randomguy7588 t1_jds6wg9 wrote

We all have a good laugh but won't be so funny when kamala has to take over


FrozeItOff t1_jdti7k8 wrote

Yeah, then we can laugh as we watch as a whole cadre of white, racist, sexist males have collective aneurysms over a black woman being president.


DieByMyLeg t1_jdtvtpm wrote

I’m all for a female president, but Kamala is definitely not one i’d be happy with.


sharksnut t1_jdu082r wrote

The Secret Service has standing orders to shoot her and McCarthy if that happens


1Mind1WillDoit t1_jdu1lgd wrote

The cabinet said don’t be sniffing around here and stay out of my drawers


snagboy15 t1_jdu9o9a wrote

Sounds quite likely.


FrontRecognition5987 t1_jduc90a wrote

Trump will be trying to convince some concrete blocks he’s president real soon.


terminalcynic t1_jdwcrlt wrote

Isn’t this comment a repost from every month for the last 6 years?


MrPrul t1_jdufas9 wrote

He needs to talk with the chairman


Forehand_Bets t1_jduyjjw wrote

But only after shaking hands with the flag pole........


good_luck_23 t1_jdvi9g3 wrote

Trump is talking to his lawyers' lawyer's lawyers today.


TheseAbbreviations41 t1_jdt2uc7 wrote

I’m not going to abandon the bookcase, I’ll stand with it !


Diggle-biggy-4471 t1_jduj5qe wrote

Damn someone threw in an off color joke now we’re not only white but also racist and sexist damn people let it go a laugh a little sometimes.


NewParadigm1111 t1_jdw6huh wrote

Same joke from Trump era. Waaa waaa waaaaaaa


Fit-Anywhere-8547 t1_jdwctrw wrote

Someone asked him if he’s scene the Indian in the cupboard? So he went to check it out lmao


Dry-Writer663 t1_jdwjz08 wrote

Whichever republicant is president it’s always a fucking joke and it takes a dem to bail out the country rinse repeat


PygmeePony t1_jdun3l3 wrote

He also talked to his one night stand and almost got impeached.


1Transgranny t1_jduzb67 wrote

At Least he didn't lose an election and insisted he won.


Eroe777 t1_jdrjb6y wrote

Isn’t this a George W Bush joke?


heidjuk t1_jdrzwug wrote

It's whoever is on office.... It's just not a trump joke because he's not president


[deleted] t1_jdrqjno wrote

George W Bush had a meeting with his cabinet this morning.

...then he talkified to the bookcase for a while, and now he's argumentificating with the couch, mah fellow 'muricans!


daltonator_360 t1_jdssexp wrote

Because George W didn't have dementia as president (I don't know how he's doing these days).


Status-Simple9240 t1_jdswm4g wrote

Ronnie did


unclejoe1917 t1_jdvq4k6 wrote

Funny a guy with a well documented speech impediment gets labeled as senile by a party of people who rode out a president with actual, diagnosed senility.


biffbobfred t1_jdtastb wrote

Ronnie did. Supposedly Woodrow Wilson also.

W didn’t. I mean he believed weird shit (Gog and Magog) but oddly that level of crazy isn’t not that odd for the American South


HarryHacker42 t1_jds476p wrote

Because George W. Bush did torture and he just isn't funny.


JoshMohawk t1_jds5g08 wrote

Just make sure he doesn’t open the closet. Trump is still in it.


K16w32a2r4k8 t1_jdsrnnf wrote

Yeah, Trump is in the water closet trying to get those incriminating papers to flush.


JoshMohawk t1_jdssbqm wrote

He wouldn’t go through that much trouble. If an ex president did something, it can’t be illegal, right? Besides, if anyone tried hold him accountable for his actions, he’d just get his worshippers to rise up and make good on his threat of death and destruction.


K16w32a2r4k8 t1_jdssykb wrote

More would go to jail this time and death and destruction might go the other way. Remember Biden is Commander in Chief now. The US military is not something you want aimed at you.