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9boi t1_je0o6qb wrote

Rent free


huntimir151 t1_je0s0yk wrote

Lmao I love how y'all have the preprogrammed responses when you have to jump to daddy's defense.


9boi t1_je0ydug wrote

What defense? Just hilarious how y'all will never move on


Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je0wjny wrote

Hunter would like a word. Hillary too......


9boi t1_je127sm wrote



Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je12f56 wrote

in your head. now this is where you say nuh uh, right?


9boi t1_je1375y wrote

Don't think I've made a hunter post in my whole life, but keep projecting if it makes you feel better


Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je13l1q wrote

Hmmm, guy tells a joke, you whine, but I'm the sad one? LOL! You keep pretending you aren't a trump fan! lay with dogs, get fleas.


9boi t1_je13r6f wrote

Insane how much asspain my 2 word response has caused


Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je13zan wrote

call it what you want, man, being a trumper is a losing proposition.


9boi t1_je141s1 wrote

Alright man, sorry I hurt your feelings


Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je19iet wrote

Oh you didn't hurt my feelings in the slightest. I find it amusing watching people get pissy over a joke. Like when you said "rent free"......


HarryHacker42 t1_je0ze3b wrote

The man who tried to overthrow democracy, stole classified documents and refused to return them, helped Saudi Arabia's MBS get away with murdering a journalist and got the LIV golf tournaments at his courses in return, and continues to encourage violence against police ... yeah.. that's the guy we're supposed to "forget" and stop talking about? When he's in jail, sure thing. Because you don't let those kind of assaults on America go unanswered.


9boi t1_je0zzxq wrote

Wow look at all those words. Get off the internet and stop pretending your oligarchs are any better than their oligarchs


HarryHacker42 t1_je147f9 wrote

At least you don't argue any of it is untrue. Let me know when you find an example of Biden making $141 million off the US government while President, like Trump did while golfing. Or show me where Biden encouraged violence against police or journalists. Lets see how your oligarchs stack up against the current loser the Democrats put in place.


9boi t1_je15ff3 wrote

You've changed my mind, I hope this joke finally takes him down. You're very brave to speak out against him.


HarryHacker42 t1_je1b2wq wrote

And you are brave to support Trump after all he's done.


9boi t1_je1flq7 wrote

You're so terminally online you're projecting trumpism onto me. Is Trump in the room with us now? Did he also hide your keys this morning?


HarryHacker42 t1_je1o4ax wrote

Your insults bounce like stale cheetos off my Kevlar school uniform.


RecalcitrantHuman t1_je122p0 wrote

I hope you are a liberal bot because otherwise this is simply sad


cardcomm t1_je133ac wrote

What's SAD (and frightening) is that after everything that's happened, that criminal Trump still has supporters.

That is truly messed up!


Less_Geologist_4004 OP t1_je11tyv wrote

This joke came from a conversation with a friend about OJ and the OG asshole was Johnny Cochran back when OJ was on trial. I remembered the joke and modernized it. I just couldn’t think of a bigger media asshole than him. Sorry dude.