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Mysterious-Phrase637 t1_je0umre wrote

He was ok war economy was ok ..


HarryHacker42 t1_je10oky wrote

The economy tanked under Covid while Trump lied and said Covid was just the flu and wasn't serious, and then almost died from it.

Trump did end the war by surrendering to the Taliban, so that's something, but Biden sure would have liked better terms to be stuck with. Do you remember the good times when Trump killed an Iranian general in Iraq with a drone strike? Yeah, that's still causing issues.

Rose tint my world, keep my safe from my trouble and pain.


Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je0wqzx wrote

better check again. several armed conflicts started under trump. and the 2020 crash didn't happen?


humorRus t1_je10us3 wrote

you think letting the crazies have a strong voice and spew hate etc that lead to Jan.6 is not a war?