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HarryHacker42 t1_je33fud wrote

The BLM protests were because "you're killing black people without any reason and we're sick of waiting for you to stop".

Jan 6th was to "overthrow the will of the voters and have Donald Trump declared President without the vote supporting it".

One is overthrowing democracy, the other is "stop killing us".

If you can't see the difference, then any efforts to debate with you are pointless. I'm sorry you were lied to by Tucker Carlson, its what he does...


RoLaAus t1_je38qj3 wrote

Except black people are 7 tines more likely to kill another black person.... cops just mowing down black people who aren't resisting arrest (like Floyd KICKING the cop trying to put him into the police SUV!!!) just isn't happening! Black people kill FAR MORE blacks than do cops! Also, a white person is 40 times more likely to be attacked by a black person than the other way around... if tou just exams those 2 facts alone, black people are more violent as a group - sure there are SOME pacifists, and sure there are SOME violent white people but POc NEED TO stop listening to mass media, it is imperative to their survival, even more so than OBEYING LAWFUL ORDERS of cops! They also need to stop having an attitude of getting killed and getting their family rich and "making a statement" for the community!!


HarryHacker42 t1_je3fw5q wrote

  1. So what if black people kill black people? That doesn't give police the permission to kill them. The whole complaint about obeying lawful orders went out the window when people started protesting Trump being subjected to lawful orders which he refuses to comply with. Floyd wasn't supposed to be killed, which is why police went to jail for it. When the people protested, even journalists got shot in the face by police. Police showed us their true colors by beating protestors.

  2. Jan 6th was trying to end Democracy. Trump tried to overthrow the actual votes so many times, in so many cases, it was clear that was his intention. He is still doing it today. 2000+ terrorists stormed the capitol, scared the shit out of ALL the legislators, and tried to prevent Pence from announcing the election results.

Screw you for trying to make this about your racist attitudes and not what really happened!