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abackCement445 t1_je0kh00 wrote

Donald Trump is stereotypically perceived to be a posterior.


MpVpRb t1_je0tboa wrote

That's an insult to assholes


Bob8644 t1_je0k8ve wrote

2016 is down the hall and to the left


Crott117 t1_je0l9r0 wrote

14 inches is way too short for the purpose of this joke


nappingLongness184 t1_je0jo2i wrote

Donald Trump is stereotypically perceived to be an evacuation chute.


Actuallawyerguy2 t1_je0wlx1 wrote

i don't think OP knows how inches work, or how long that fuck's ties are. It literally hangs like 4 inches below his beltline.


Less_Geologist_4004 OP t1_je0y3ei wrote

I first heard this joke during the OJ trial and The late, great Johnny Cochran was the asshole behind the tie.


CathartingFunk t1_je13l7y wrote

Why did this get removed??


Brain_Hawk t1_je2a742 wrote

A lot of things get removed, I'm going to guess because it was overtly political


Sweetknees66 t1_je0pd2u wrote

Rearview mirror in a black Dodge Ram.


noteghost t1_je0uzry wrote

I'm about the same height as Trump. Just measured from the bottom of my throat to the top of my belt buckle: about 21".


Muzck t1_je0wc2f wrote

A plunger when you’re backed up


[deleted] t1_je0l5et wrote



Igloo_Heater t1_je0sgoh wrote

Lamest joke on r/Jokes all year. You have to be able to come up with something better than calling Trump an asshole. That's too easy


Lavishness_Gold t1_je10wxw wrote

Nah I agree. Trump is a giant ballsack but this wasn't close to funny, not even visually feasible enough to make it so. Do better or don't bother.


Less_Geologist_4004 OP t1_je33zpu wrote

An old man and his old wife are sitting on the couch. She looks at him and says “ Let’s go upstairs and fuck!” He turned to her and cried “ Hot dog, that sounds great but I can only do one of them…”


HarryHacker42 t1_je10c9j wrote

Maybe you should suggest something better, Igloo Heater? What would you call a guy who tried to overthrow Democracy? An insurrectionist?


RoLaAus t1_je10y0f wrote

"Tried to overthrow a democracy"

Really, with NO firearms and telling his rally attendees to "make your voices peacefully and patriotically be heard"

OR are you referring to those who said "Who ever said protests should be peaceful" OR "there should be more unrest in the streets" I'm confused... only 1 side had "autonomous zones"


HarryHacker42 t1_je13qbo wrote

So the police who were beaten with flagpoles and maced and dragged around were just loved to death? The gallows built outside for Mike Pence were just a form of worship we've missed, like Jesus on the Cross? How about the handcuffs and zip ties? The smashing windows? It was not peaceful, so stop your bullshit.


RoLaAus t1_je2u1k4 wrote

And neither was the "mostly peaceful" riots where a police pricing was burnt down and they tried to keep the cops inside!

NO cops died directly from the Jan 6th protest, and so ehow .yateriously multiple cops were suicided (and none committed suicide during the "summer of love", come on man! Those cops were Clintoned and were gon a spill the beans about all the comms that were "accidebtally" destroyed that day!

Smashed windows - BIG F*&%ING DEAL! There was multiple BILLIONS worth of damages done by those "mostly peaceful" RIOTS! AND COPS WERE KILLED DURING THEM TOO!


HarryHacker42 t1_je33fud wrote

The BLM protests were because "you're killing black people without any reason and we're sick of waiting for you to stop".

Jan 6th was to "overthrow the will of the voters and have Donald Trump declared President without the vote supporting it".

One is overthrowing democracy, the other is "stop killing us".

If you can't see the difference, then any efforts to debate with you are pointless. I'm sorry you were lied to by Tucker Carlson, its what he does...


RoLaAus t1_je38qj3 wrote

Except black people are 7 tines more likely to kill another black person.... cops just mowing down black people who aren't resisting arrest (like Floyd KICKING the cop trying to put him into the police SUV!!!) just isn't happening! Black people kill FAR MORE blacks than do cops! Also, a white person is 40 times more likely to be attacked by a black person than the other way around... if tou just exams those 2 facts alone, black people are more violent as a group - sure there are SOME pacifists, and sure there are SOME violent white people but POc NEED TO stop listening to mass media, it is imperative to their survival, even more so than OBEYING LAWFUL ORDERS of cops! They also need to stop having an attitude of getting killed and getting their family rich and "making a statement" for the community!!


HarryHacker42 t1_je3fw5q wrote

  1. So what if black people kill black people? That doesn't give police the permission to kill them. The whole complaint about obeying lawful orders went out the window when people started protesting Trump being subjected to lawful orders which he refuses to comply with. Floyd wasn't supposed to be killed, which is why police went to jail for it. When the people protested, even journalists got shot in the face by police. Police showed us their true colors by beating protestors.

  2. Jan 6th was trying to end Democracy. Trump tried to overthrow the actual votes so many times, in so many cases, it was clear that was his intention. He is still doing it today. 2000+ terrorists stormed the capitol, scared the shit out of ALL the legislators, and tried to prevent Pence from announcing the election results.

Screw you for trying to make this about your racist attitudes and not what really happened!


maynardstaint t1_je1lwd6 wrote

I think he’s referring to the people who are in jail because the confessed to their crimes.


RoLaAus t1_je2t4s0 wrote

And again, none of then had dreams, most were let in and even the "q anon shaman" was escorted around by cops (tried to open a locked door then directed him to an alternate route - making them co-conspirators OR making it entrapment... which was it?)


maynardstaint t1_je2vebv wrote

Dude, get your head out of your ass. The Qanon shaman confessed, plead guilty and gave a video statement. Stop with the fucking conspiracies. THEY DID IT. THEYCOMMITED EVERY CRIME THEY ARE ACCUSED OF.


RoLaAus t1_je3922f wrote

The fact that he dis do what he did does NOT negate the FACt that the recently released video shows a cop trying to open a locked door for him and when he couldn't he (the cops - there were actually multiple ones) direct him to another route to enter thar locked door! Either they are co-conspirators OR agaib, they not only merely "allosed" him in, they all but pushed him inside then arrested him for tresspassing.... and you can't "tresspass" someone that you GUIDED in to a building/secure room!!


maynardstaint t1_je39n4u wrote

I’m fine with arresting everyone who was involved, who committed a crime. But I’m not going to debate conspiracies. Prove what they did in court, not here, or move on.


RoLaAus t1_je39rju wrote

Tou think ACTUAL VIDEO is "conspiracy"... man you are so partisanly blind, you are exactly the kind of brai washed that yhe Dems love!!


maynardstaint t1_je39uus wrote

No, I think what ever YOU THINk happened is a conspiracy and I don’t fucking care.


RoLaAus t1_je3a8dw wrote

That's the problem, you don't care that ACTUAL FACTS exist that contradict YOUR OPINION! Google "confirmation bias" and you can WATCH WITH YOUR OWN EYES...but, oh, no... its NY you can't believe your lying eyes


maynardstaint t1_je3d153 wrote

Not what I said. The shaman was arrested because there is evidence he committed a crime. Then he confessed.

If YOU have proof of a crime, to arrest whoever you think is guilty.

What I DONT care about, is what you THINK happened. Because you have no idea who they are, what they’re ACTUALLY doing, where they’re may it may not be taking him. You dont ACTUALLY KNOW A damn thing. Every single word. Out of YOUR mouth. IS conspiracy theory. And I don’t give a shit what you THINK happened.


RoLaAus t1_je3ded7 wrote

Blinded by partisanship....Cult worship and confirmation bias!!


RoLaAus t1_je3e94i wrote

The ONLY reason you are saying what you are saying is 1 - the video shows people on the other side as you And 2 - Cult News Network told you "no co text", so you say "yes massa" and Parr their talking points.

WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE then cops IN UNIFORM escorting him around!

Also, his defense did not have these clips to show the judge/jury for his defense, so I don't particularly care what he confessed to Behing Biden WITHELD EVIDENCE just like he sicked his politicized IRS on the Twitter Files news reporter!!


maynardstaint t1_je3h3ci wrote

And the aliens are behind this? Or is it the lizard people this time? Ooh wait, it’s the Illuminati, isn’t it? I fucking knew it.


RoLaAus t1_je3ptgw wrote

Your answer to the IRS (and the DoJ) being wraponized by 1 side is to make light, make a joke about it... this administration is the EXACT reason that 2A says "to ensure a free state" and the actions of this administration only post-justifies Jan 6th and it won't be long before it is taken further and we will have no other choice but to stand up and fight...I mean, this admin has already shown its true colors about 1A and their attempts to start a "ministry of truth" circa Orwrlls 1984! And they KNOW if you take away 2A by trying to disarm the people it will only solidfy their stronghold on you fools!


RoLaAus t1_je3w5aa wrote

You lot have been setup and conditioned to accept government lies for over a decade! Much, much longer... they have been teaching you for multiple generations and then they gave you the "final exam" on your willingness to accept government lying to you when you guys excuse "I did not have sex with that woman" and then accepted the excuse "that depends upon what your definition of 'is' is".... then fast forward a short while later made you had a 1st lady telling you to be good little nazis and "turn in your neighbkrs" for telling racist jokes...and now we are 1 step away from arresting comedians for speech like Canada has done, and you freely accept the political imprisoning of dissedents...its been roughly 1.5 years and still some Jan 6th proyestors have not received their CONSTITUTIONAL right of a speedy trial and due process (like the WH withholding video evidence" you gladly accept the wraponization of IRS and what you likely don't know is happening behind the scenes is that people are being targeted by the ATF for SELLING THEIR OWN PROPERRY - which most states allow (with provisions) but when 1 guy tried to sell 1 handgun (not even a rifle not even an AR15) he was told by the ATF that he needs to cease and desist LEGAL ACTIVITY or else he will be charged as an "unlicensed dealer" (gun "dealers" re thise defined as their purpose of existing is earning a profit from selling guns", but the ATF is using this VAGUE definition to harass law abiding citizens!! Be a good little Nazi and never question your dear leader with no clothes!!


RoLaAus t1_je39hc1 wrote

What the cops in that video did was essentially a private security gaurd for a rich/famous person house, taking a random stranger up to the front door, trying to gain access to the house that way (for the stranger) then the security gaurd tells the stranger "let's go around back, it should be unlocked and you can go inside that way"


maynardstaint t1_je3a0f7 wrote

Then go arrest them. I honestly don’t know why you have such a hard on for this?


RoLaAus t1_je3aikl wrote

Because you people only WANT TO believe what you want to believe no matter what actual facts exist...and you ca us the cult!!


cerokurn13 t1_je11uts wrote

Don’t be butt hurt someone made a joke about ur dumb president. Notice how when you guys make jokes about Biden like he’s falling up the stairs and shit we don’t get mad


crxshdrxg t1_je127tb wrote

because y’all don’t even like him


Ben_Thar t1_je140fc wrote

Really, we didn't vote for him because we expected him to accomplish anything. We voted for him because he wasn't Trump.


crxshdrxg t1_je14o3w wrote

oh so you’re another one of those people that voted for incompetence because of “mean tweets🥺”


9boi t1_je0o6qb wrote

Rent free


huntimir151 t1_je0s0yk wrote

Lmao I love how y'all have the preprogrammed responses when you have to jump to daddy's defense.


9boi t1_je0ydug wrote

What defense? Just hilarious how y'all will never move on


Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je0wjny wrote

Hunter would like a word. Hillary too......


9boi t1_je127sm wrote



Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je12f56 wrote

in your head. now this is where you say nuh uh, right?


9boi t1_je1375y wrote

Don't think I've made a hunter post in my whole life, but keep projecting if it makes you feel better


Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je13l1q wrote

Hmmm, guy tells a joke, you whine, but I'm the sad one? LOL! You keep pretending you aren't a trump fan! lay with dogs, get fleas.


9boi t1_je13r6f wrote

Insane how much asspain my 2 word response has caused


Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je13zan wrote

call it what you want, man, being a trumper is a losing proposition.


9boi t1_je141s1 wrote

Alright man, sorry I hurt your feelings


Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je19iet wrote

Oh you didn't hurt my feelings in the slightest. I find it amusing watching people get pissy over a joke. Like when you said "rent free"......


HarryHacker42 t1_je0ze3b wrote

The man who tried to overthrow democracy, stole classified documents and refused to return them, helped Saudi Arabia's MBS get away with murdering a journalist and got the LIV golf tournaments at his courses in return, and continues to encourage violence against police ... yeah.. that's the guy we're supposed to "forget" and stop talking about? When he's in jail, sure thing. Because you don't let those kind of assaults on America go unanswered.


9boi t1_je0zzxq wrote

Wow look at all those words. Get off the internet and stop pretending your oligarchs are any better than their oligarchs


HarryHacker42 t1_je147f9 wrote

At least you don't argue any of it is untrue. Let me know when you find an example of Biden making $141 million off the US government while President, like Trump did while golfing. Or show me where Biden encouraged violence against police or journalists. Lets see how your oligarchs stack up against the current loser the Democrats put in place.


9boi t1_je15ff3 wrote

You've changed my mind, I hope this joke finally takes him down. You're very brave to speak out against him.


HarryHacker42 t1_je1b2wq wrote

And you are brave to support Trump after all he's done.


9boi t1_je1flq7 wrote

You're so terminally online you're projecting trumpism onto me. Is Trump in the room with us now? Did he also hide your keys this morning?


HarryHacker42 t1_je1o4ax wrote

Your insults bounce like stale cheetos off my Kevlar school uniform.


RecalcitrantHuman t1_je122p0 wrote

I hope you are a liberal bot because otherwise this is simply sad


cardcomm t1_je133ac wrote

What's SAD (and frightening) is that after everything that's happened, that criminal Trump still has supporters.

That is truly messed up!


Less_Geologist_4004 OP t1_je11tyv wrote

This joke came from a conversation with a friend about OJ and the OG asshole was Johnny Cochran back when OJ was on trial. I remembered the joke and modernized it. I just couldn’t think of a bigger media asshole than him. Sorry dude.


Ok-Chip-6147 t1_je0sn1z wrote

Hunter Biden’s crackpipe?


huntimir151 t1_je0t2oy wrote

I appreciate the attempt to "no, u!", but crackpipes are not over a foot long my dude.


Ok-Chip-6147 t1_je0u4ir wrote

Crack bongs? I don’t know. I’ve never smoked crack.


___Phreak___ t1_je0y1j5 wrote

I don't know what's scarier somebody voting for Trump who isn't a crack addict or is


Ok-Chip-6147 t1_je147lh wrote

Mix in some punctuation. Scarier yet- someone who defends the job Biden is doing.


HarryHacker42 t1_je0zh3r wrote

Go talk to Mike Lindell, he can help you with crack pipe details.


Ok-Chip-6147 t1_je10pdc wrote

Not a fan of him either. Really don’t like shitty people on either side of the aisle.


Mysterious-Phrase637 t1_je0umre wrote

He was ok war economy was ok ..


HarryHacker42 t1_je10oky wrote

The economy tanked under Covid while Trump lied and said Covid was just the flu and wasn't serious, and then almost died from it.

Trump did end the war by surrendering to the Taliban, so that's something, but Biden sure would have liked better terms to be stuck with. Do you remember the good times when Trump killed an Iranian general in Iraq with a drone strike? Yeah, that's still causing issues.

Rose tint my world, keep my safe from my trouble and pain.


Specific_Rutabaga_87 t1_je0wqzx wrote

better check again. several armed conflicts started under trump. and the 2020 crash didn't happen?


humorRus t1_je10us3 wrote

you think letting the crazies have a strong voice and spew hate etc that lead to Jan.6 is not a war?