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BlackberryMuffinMan t1_iucb4u9 wrote

The joke as I know it goes: only one because we are efficient not funny.


Whiteflager t1_iuch762 wrote

Well I had to take a train in Frankfurt yesterday. It was delayed by 10 minutes 7 times. After waiting 1h10 on the plateforme the train finally arrived. They said it was « complicated » to convey the train from the depot… 🤦‍♂️


SkillxAura t1_iucnpnv wrote

The German train system is a great mess though, something like that is normal


draculamilktoast t1_iucvcja wrote

When efficient people mess things up they are very efficient at that as well. That's why you want your lazy people to commit all the mistakes - they give up before they cause a mess so great that the efficient people can't fix it anymore.


gtrhtyjrgew t1_iucb551 wrote

You know what really grinds a German's gears?

Nothing.Their engineering is perfect.


Tigermike10 t1_iuddeyz wrote

It was designed that way, customers are just not worthy of our engineering genius.


21pofelski t1_iucbk8j wrote

One of my friends told this jke in front of 10 people of various nationalities and the only one who did not get the joke was the German...That just made the joke even funnier :)


Miolner t1_iuccgkd wrote

I'm German and I understand the joke and I think it's funny. You need to know the international clichés of Germans to understand that joke.


Blaine8182 t1_iucjhjy wrote

It's hard to see germans as efficient if you are used to german bureaucracy and companies like DB.


MikeWise1618 t1_iuckak2 wrote

Yeah, it really doesn't seem like a particularly efficient country anymore. Trains are definitely not reliable anymore for example. Bureaucracy is stifling. Anything goes wrong gets blamed on COVID.


Tuga_Lissabon t1_iucltec wrote

Saw articles with germans complaining they're neglecting their infrastructure...


Costello666 t1_iufm2cy wrote

I have a German friend and we were on a flight from Europe to Australia and next to us was two German women. There English wasn't great but they heard our accents and asked if we could tell them about Australia. Well as my friend spoke German he translated back and forth. Well they asked things they could do so I asked my friend to ask them what they do for fun. He started translating and stopped looked at me and said there isn't a German word for fun and then burst out laughing.


neoprenewedgie t1_iuceh0e wrote

Please don't be nein...Please don't be nein...Please don't be nein...

It isn't nein! Thank you, OP!


MonkeySafari79 t1_iud2u7v wrote

As a German, i loughed loud at calling us efficient 😆


Tuga_Lissabon t1_iuclpuk wrote

1, because they are quick and efficient and have no sense of humour, so they don't waste time with jokes.


rgrpps t1_iud67j7 wrote

Should be: How many Germans does it take to change a lightbulb? One, they are very efficient and not very funny.


theearlof87 t1_iues6o6 wrote

But surely the German bulb does not needing changing. It is well built and simply never breaks.


mapadofu t1_iud6f6w wrote

And (stereotyped as) humorless


Specific_Tap7296 t1_iucudqx wrote

I'd have changed that light bulb much earlier but there was a towel already on it


newredditer5731 t1_iud0u1o wrote

I think the punchline is, "because we(germans) are efficient and humorless"


Henri_Dupont t1_iudgerf wrote

They would do it quickly, too, because Germans can Nazi in the dark.


AmongstYou666 t1_iue18sc wrote

How long does it take a German to change a lightbulb?
Depends on the size and number of committees it must go through for request, approval, environmental assessment, safety concerns and training.


HarriettJohnson t1_iueb6h8 wrote

Nien. Light bulbs build by German manufacturers do not burn out. But they're not light bulbs, they're heavy duty bulbs.


Uppernorwood t1_iuegsk2 wrote

They’ll have a fresh light bulb in double quick time, but no energy to power it.


DaLionheart101 t1_iuercku wrote

Everyone makes fun of German efficiency, haha, just keep laughing as you use all my gear


TnBluesman t1_iueva9v wrote

Germans do not change "light" bulbs as they are all very heavy and sturdy at they lay forever.


MoronTheBall t1_iucco62 wrote

They usually just plunged the continent into darkness