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BlackberryMuffinMan t1_iucb4u9 wrote

The joke as I know it goes: only one because we are efficient not funny.


Whiteflager t1_iuch762 wrote

Well I had to take a train in Frankfurt yesterday. It was delayed by 10 minutes 7 times. After waiting 1h10 on the plateforme the train finally arrived. They said it was « complicated » to convey the train from the depot… 🤦‍♂️


SkillxAura t1_iucnpnv wrote

The German train system is a great mess though, something like that is normal


draculamilktoast t1_iucvcja wrote

When efficient people mess things up they are very efficient at that as well. That's why you want your lazy people to commit all the mistakes - they give up before they cause a mess so great that the efficient people can't fix it anymore.