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awaymoralize58 t1_iud55df wrote

A mate of mine went on a tinder date once, during small talk she mentioned her favorite film is Titanic.

So in the interests of making converstion, my mate comments on the actual historic event of the Titanic sinking.

She says ‟Do not be silly, the Titanic never sank”

He says ‟Uh, what?”

She says ‟Well obviously it did not really sink, it was just a movie”

A second date did not happen.


Advanced_Parsnip t1_iud8zsv wrote

Once while at the movies with family, one of my daughters asked if it really happened? It was Cowboys vs Aliens, for her defense she was only 7


artsytiff t1_iufrx2b wrote

I mean… cowboys were real.


WaisTom t1_iufu2nu wrote

And Aliens are also defined as illegal immigrants but that's considered racist.


E_B_Jamisen t1_iufx05f wrote

Well I mean technically the Alamo could be considered cowboys vs aliens, though in this case it would have been the Americans that were the aliens …


Blackhole_Star_yum t1_iug78ef wrote

They still are real lmao, I went to high school with some kids and that's what their family does for a living. And they're the richest families in the area. They also make really cringy tiktoks.


starfyredragon t1_iuhehrg wrote

I really wouldn't call them "still real".

There's lots of posers, but land is sectioned up so much that actual cowboys (aka, shepards for cows) who guide cows across large vistas fatting them up while leading them to the destination to sell, are kind of non-existant now.

Also, people have a tendency to conflate actual cowboys with sphegetti western cowboys, which were faker than Sasquatch in a Polaroid shop.


Tidesticky t1_iuhfk6w wrote

When was Sasquatch in a Polaroid shop? Do Polaroid shops make much money now days?


enjoi_baggy t1_iugy9pm wrote

And aliens probably are too. The many conspiracy theorists surrounding the subject impact its legitimacy, unfortunately.


JSwag1310 t1_iufy82j wrote

My mother had to explain to my brother and I that Rufio in Peter Pan, didn't actually die and was just an actor who was, and I quote, "probably enjoying a burger at McDonald's as we speak." Don't know why but that part always stuck with me.


The_Amazing_Emu t1_iug8jz5 wrote

When I was a kid, I thought Babe was based on a true story. Something about the intro made it sound like it was based on historical events.


Tidesticky t1_iuhfq9g wrote

Well, he did hit 714 home runs so there's that


Creepscape t1_iudjfy2 wrote

Lol, you remind me of a one time date I went a long time ago with this girl who said dinosaurs did not exist. We were in a natural history museum.


Ysanoire t1_iueljki wrote

I went on a date with a guy who said 90% of science is bullshit. He followed it up with saying moon landing was impossible. At the same time he claimed he was an engineer.


willthesane t1_iuf0tf9 wrote

I can believe 90 percent 9f scientific theories are false. But they are shown to be false or incomplete and we make a better theory.


E_B_Jamisen t1_iufxe42 wrote

Yep. Like the Bohr model of the atom. It wasn’t right, but it helped us move towards better understanding.


willthesane t1_iugntn8 wrote

Yep, it was useful. Being right isn't as important as being useful.


Shihai-no-Akuma t1_iudrsxs wrote

If the paintings in the art museum are fake then surely the bones you see are fake too, Dinosaurs doesn’t exist.


IAmSomnabula t1_iuehdoe wrote

Those bones in the ground? God put them there to test our faith.

Also, have you ever noticed creationists are so little evolved?

~ Bill Hicks


Hud1289 t1_iufj7kp wrote

Went to see Wonder Woman with my ex and was legitimately asked if it was based on a true story and who won the war.. least one of the reasons they’re an ex


starfyredragon t1_iuhe6bd wrote

Reminds me of a guy that claimed the G-spot was a myth women made up to shame men. He, also, did not get a second date.


mrsashleyjwilliams t1_iuf9o46 wrote

It took me a long time to convince a coworker that Jack and Rose were not historically factual people.


TheProfessionalEjit t1_iufg554 wrote

There was room on that door.


braellyra t1_iufjs1s wrote

I love that Adam & Jamie actually tested it super thoroughly on Mythbusters. (Turns out it would be impossible to keep the door afloat with 2 people on it, unless they used their life vests to support the door)


pertobello t1_iueyrkp wrote

Aw man, then all that effort to make the movie historically accurate was for naught


911art t1_iuf2zpy wrote

I had a date once that after we saw the Martian with Matt Damon she asked if it was based on a true story. I would say that there wasn't another date after that but honestly the sex was good enough to put up with crazy for a while. But that's a whole another story.


peb396 t1_iufgu2w wrote

Crazy sex is fun, fascinating sex ... until she learns where you work and live.


coloa t1_iufpsmw wrote

Because the Viet Cong bombed Hiroshima.


zombie_chrisbrains t1_iugzqyd wrote

I was in a queue at the video store when the film came out on DVD (back in the day!) and some brainless woman wanted to rent it. She asked the clerk if it was any good and he said "the special effects are great, the sinking of the ship is really well done, very realistic", and she replied "Well, you've just bloody ruined it for me now!"


E_B_Jamisen t1_iufx4oh wrote

It wasn’t til the 4th paragraph that I realized this wasn’t a joke …


justbrowsing1880 t1_iug4o76 wrote

Girl seemed gullible, opportunity missed to marry her! Imagine telling her that [—————-] really is 6 inches!


coarsing_batch t1_iug9nfb wrote

I ask if he fucked her brains out, but clearly somebody beat him to it.


R-E-D-D-l-T t1_iugnxb5 wrote

I would’ve just corrected her, not knowing something can happen to anyone. If she gracefully accepts the new information, what’s wrong then? There are far bigger red flags in people than not knowing if the Titanic was real or not.