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imakenosensetopeople t1_itivztt wrote

Fun historical fact - the potato famine was less a result of not enough potatoes, and more so a function of Irish farmers being forced to use their crop to effectively pay rent, instead of being able to feed themselves.


Waffletimewarp t1_itkjp8z wrote

And the fact that the fucking English, who were the ones taking all the other crops, both refused any relief efforts, and blocked other nations attempts to help Ireland.

Ireland’s population still has yet to reach pre-Hunger levels, and only recently cracked half of it.

The Famine was a genocide.


Important_Muffin_212 t1_itiweqr wrote

That may well be a fact, but ‘fun’?!


Heliolord t1_itixs4g wrote

The racism against the Irish has never truly vanished. #Irishlivesmatter


imakenosensetopeople t1_itj4hjs wrote

Yeah, I guess no so much “fun” as “soul crushingly depressing because of how many lives were lost for pure greed.”


chesuscream t1_itkiijg wrote

Thats not fun at all.


browtfareyoudoing t1_itkp5z2 wrote

Fun fact, tater make whisky 😄


artimus31 t1_itob2k2 wrote

No sir. Potato make vodka


browtfareyoudoing t1_itplb9x wrote

I should probably slow down my drinking lmao


artimus31 t1_itpp8ge wrote

Blasphemy! Just make it your self so you aren't an alcoholic but a craftsman who must sample your wears! (Also look up your local laws, this might be illegal depending on what you are making)


browtfareyoudoing t1_itppv5p wrote

I like the cut of your jib. Im drinking a hearty r/prisonhooch made from Welch’s concord this morning. Been fermenting for a whole 13 days. 🙃


artimus31 t1_itptgp5 wrote

Ah! You are already a connoisseur I see. Very good.


Few-Ganache-5818 t1_itjd3rx wrote

I thought it was caused by a smut fungi that destroyed the plants.


Fit_Cherry7133 t1_itk9zt5 wrote

Kind of. The Irish were forced to only grow potatoes for their own consumption as it took less land to do so. Other foods are shipped to Britain. When the blight struck there simply wasn't enough food for the people that they could legally eat so there was a famine.

Just another example of the wealthy not giving a fuck about anyone else if there is profit to be taken.


Dark_Matter_19 t1_itk2iaj wrote

Anyone who watched extra history's videos about the Irish potato famine will know.


RaiseOutside8472 t1_itkhw0n wrote

not certain of that . the british law meant catholics could only own 5 acres of land . potatoes was the only feasible crop. when it failed . due to some sickness in the potatoes . there was a famine. in fact year was one of the best years and record crops where shipped to england while the irish died in their masses. dont think there was any crop to pay landlords with.


busybreaking t1_itjpgy0 wrote

It was a fungus that destroyed crops


Ishaichi t1_itmh4fs wrote

I believe it was a slime mold, Phytophthora infestans.


ProXJay t1_itmuni4 wrote

A few other countries suffered from the bligh only Ireland was truly in famine