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jluponeage t1_iye3ort wrote

How much you gonna pay me?


bitey87 OP t1_iye4vpv wrote

Damn. I knew this was gonna be one of the first comments. Best I can do is a free award.


jluponeage t1_iye4zuy wrote

Thanks, dude!


bitey87 OP t1_iyf9xsk wrote

Cheers mate. Since you clearly know how to properly undercut a joke, mind if I run some alternate punchlines by ya?

  1. Change My Mind.
  2. But I'm willing to be persuaded otherwise.
  3. Though it could change mine.

Just a 1, 2, or 3 reply would be cool.


jluponeage t1_iyfa800 wrote

1 or 2 sound pretty good.

Although 1 could be used with that "Change my mind" meme.