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ISeeOnlyDarkness t1_iy78lj4 wrote

I’m not from the US so I’m not entirely sure of the joke here. Is it because from October to April in Alaska it’s just entirely night due to it being Alaska?


NotAMinuteRide t1_iy81urv wrote

OT Is your username related to the Arthas (ICC) death cinematic?


TheJimness t1_iy9t6yp wrote

Anchorage does not experience 24 hours of darkness at any time during the year, but this is a typical Alaskan joke.

You need to be north of the Arctic Circle to find a period of 24-hour darkness. That is actually what the Arctic Circle denotes.

During December, in Anchorage, the sun rises at about 10 am and sets at about 4 pm, so the days are very short.


foxfirewoodcrafts t1_iybwpti wrote

No chance, I live in Ketchikan and the sun sets at 3:30. We're still a month from the winter solstice, and Anchorage is significantly further north. Sunrise may be at 10 for them, but sunset would have to be 3ish


Profit-Defiant OP t1_iy7fdwm wrote

Move to Alaska. It's dark there this time of year. Lol


gigaswardblade t1_iy9rq59 wrote

I mean, they did base a recent wow expansion on Alaska


Profit-Defiant OP t1_iybb9sw wrote

By wow, I think you mean World of Warcraft??


gigaswardblade t1_iybcmmj wrote

yes. im also talking about the shadowlands expansion.