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the_wessi t1_ixun32o wrote

No no no no. The first wish of the rabbit was a backpack full of carrots, the second one was the motorcycle and the third one was the gay thing. Rabbits don’t wear helmets.


masterhoyla t1_ixvechw wrote

In the one I've heard, rabbit's last wish was that the bear would never have erection again.


AlfieDestructo t1_ixy28xy wrote

That was a fox and a rabbit in that joke. Voe helevettiläene.


kyleluvscoffee t1_ixw6vu0 wrote

The helmet would have to have holes for his ears or else they would get all smushed up inside the helmet and that wouldn't be very comfortable for the rabbit. Why would he wish for that? he should wish for a helmet with holes in it for his ears. Just saying that would probably be the more logical choice.