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nsciullo t1_j242jhg wrote

Actually since Hurricane Irma, they are no longer called the Virgin Islands.

Because they got fucked.


No_Competition_6989 t1_j26avm7 wrote

They are still the Virgin Islands if you don't count anal


JustJas t1_j291wab wrote

Don’t get the main joke can you explain please? Hope you had a nice Christmas


Luked0g44O t1_j26sq9a wrote

This guy is walking along the beach, and happens upon an attractive young woman, lying on her beach towel, but having no arms or legs. She begs the man to stop, he does, and the pair begin to chat. The gal very quickly steers the conversation towards relationships, and admits that she has never been held by a man before. He, being the sensitive gentleman that he is, kneels down, and tenderly hugs the girl for a half minute. She thanks him, but quickly admits that she has never been kissed by a man. Once again, he obliges her graciously. She then immediately tells him, “I’ve never been fucked by a man before!” Gently, he scoops her up in his arms, and carries her to the edge of the water. With a grunt, he heaves her into the surf, and calls out: “There, NOW you’re fucked!”


Idontdanceever t1_j24iz56 wrote

So I know this is a joke, but there are actually lots of wild canaries on the canary isles.


Common_Gain_2156 t1_j251r67 wrote

Also prolly couple of virgings on the Virgin Islands


Yuu_Got_Job t1_j2576ic wrote

Not for long


12altoids34 t1_j258hpk wrote

Not since I got back. Now they're just the just " the islands"


Aldrakev t1_j25e48f wrote

yeah there were canaries till i left too now they too are just “the islands”. completely unrelated but i had a wonderful thanksgiving


Munzo69 t1_j26xdsk wrote

One of my favourite Tom Waits lines from his song ‘Heartattack & Vine’ is

‘ I bet she’s still a virgin but it’s only twenty five to nine’.


therealdannyking t1_j258xwc wrote

Another fun fact - the birds were named after the island, which is named after the Spanish Latin for "dog."


MasterFubar t1_j24ts2b wrote

I don't know exactly where the Virgin Islands are, but I'm sure they are nowhere close to the Isle of Man.


SidewaysBegin386 t1_j2437lx wrote

It is Canary like Canine. They have a lot of dogs there. Same I guess with the virgins...


amcarls t1_j28tki9 wrote

Well, that's why it is still the Virgin Islands.


Ewetootwo t1_j25rbhg wrote

Lots of coal mines though … that’s where the virgins were hiding and the canaries died.


MrZwink t1_j2501ro wrote

Theyre called after the Latin word canum for dogs. " The island of dogs"


Cospelero t1_j25dj1y wrote

named after the dogs on the islands (canines)


Repulsive_Wafer3719 t1_j25iwd0 wrote

admittedly unrelated to the humor in the joke (which I like and have heard before and still think is funny), just some tangential background information


Luked0g44O t1_j26trui wrote

Let’s see, there are the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, but no Greek ones. Hmm…….


StevenMcFlyJr t1_j27h6u1 wrote

I'm pretty sure I heard a lot of singing.



barronelli t1_j28fz18 wrote

The Atlantic Canary is native to the Canary Islands.

Virgins, and Canaries, are not native to the Virgin Islands.

Richard Branson is though.


Quiet-Pirate-4586 t1_j28s97r wrote

The islands got their name from some sort of dog that lived there during Roman times. No joke 🤣


kvilletim t1_j2a3ftb wrote

Did you hear about the last hurricane that hit Alabama? It did a million dollars in improvements