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SirHerald t1_j1c3s1d wrote

A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths. So, there I was, walking my dog on a ledge the other day...


delectable-tea t1_j1cbeer wrote

Practically speaking, wouldn't cutting corners increase the number of edges?


Ok_Secretary_8243 t1_j1cgno7 wrote

Cutting it so that it’s in the shape of a circle.


WolfHunter17 t1_j1dcptk wrote

A circle is just a bunch of edges very closely together


TrixicAcePolyamEnby t1_j1dfyzb wrote

A circle is the limit of a regular n-gon as n approaches infinity.


WolfHunter17 t1_j1dgoeh wrote

Precisely what I said :p


TrixicAcePolyamEnby t1_j1dhbpx wrote

It's not. "A bunch" implies a finite number. Any n-gon with a finite number of edges is not a circle.


WolfHunter17 t1_j1dik3n wrote

Woah, do tell me more!


TrixicAcePolyamEnby t1_j1djmi5 wrote

I teach college math, my guy. I'm just trying to educate here. You had the right idea, but the wording was problematic and incomplete.


WolfHunter17 t1_j1dmo5m wrote

While I appreciate the concern, I feel like this was not really the place to do it, my guy/gal/enby. Taking aside the fact that the wording was quite fine considering we're speaking here of a physical approximation of a circle and not the mathematical concept of one, we are on /r/jokes. Not really the place to be pedantic about stuff like this.


Ok_Secretary_8243 t1_j1cgljm wrote

Once your fear is gone, you’ll be full circle again.


Classic_Title1655 t1_j1cg6w8 wrote

My advice - Stay away from the lead guitarist from U2


LOUDCO-HD t1_j1chp2a wrote

Maybe you should round up?


Certain_Proposal_790 t1_j1diqds wrote

Sounds like another one i heard:

I have a phobia of elevators, I now take steps to avoid them. But even stairs make me nervous, cause they're always up to something.


mrblack248 t1_j1dru0p wrote

Don't be so negative! Stairs can definitely be down to some fun stuff!