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Rakgul t1_j5xv1ba wrote

It is.


Vast-Support-1466 t1_j5y8lq8 wrote

How and Why?


_lazy_lullabies_ t1_j5yv8on wrote

3,651 people thought it was funny. Sorry it’s not made to your standards


Vast-Support-1466 t1_j6014k0 wrote

How and why is it funny? Is that a hard question to answer?


_lazy_lullabies_ t1_j60lgw2 wrote

Because it’s a joke? If you don’t find it funny then fine. I’m not gonna try and explain it to you when I’m pretty sure you can read


TomAto314 t1_j5zt66s wrote

I don't really get it either. So he tricked some random taxi drivers into thinking someone took up his blowjob offer. Ok...

It might be a funny story if you did it in real life but as just a joke not much there.


Vast-Support-1466 t1_j601kpb wrote

Honestly, the only way it's funny as-is if it's written that he's "blowing past" the other taxis.

Amazing no one has picked up on that!