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NobodyKnowsMeOutHere t1_j6lz1bl wrote

How I wish I could believe or understand this joke.


foiler64 t1_j6m0hgl wrote

Just gotta give yourself some space for it to make sense.


noahspurrier t1_j6m4ktr wrote

Your mother wasn’t laughing last night because her mouth was full, Trebek.


weakgutteddog27 OP t1_j6m41zf wrote



NobodyKnowsMeOutHere t1_j6n1dnm wrote

Where is the humor?


NobodyKnowsMeOutHere t1_j6njx05 wrote

So this joke, which is shared with a worldwide audience who may not be aware of the joke you are referencing, relies on knowing how another joke sounds?


darkingz t1_j6nmept wrote

It kinda relies more on english spelling than sounds.

A-rapist vs The-rapist.

So the implication is that they’re the same because of how they’re both rapists. They don’t actually sound the same when spoken out loud.


Up_Vootinator t1_j6ob079 wrote

So shouldn't the joke be phrased "A rapist and therapist...." instead of "A rapist and a therapist...." I didn't get the joke and thought that was the funny bit. If I'm still not getting it, can you explain?


rusty6899 t1_j6oeagq wrote

It’s just not a very funny joke. The joke is basically just an attempt to exploit the fact that the word “therapist” contains the word “rapist”, which isn’t an original observation and other jokes do it much better and even they aren’t particularly funny.


darkingz t1_j6oea72 wrote

“A the-rapist” still kinda works if “the” is the title (though a little awkwardly). I’m not overly defending how it’s presented or how funny it is though so you could probably find better ways to present the joke itself. Merely trying to mention that it’s not based on sounds, so as long as you can read English, you should be able to understand the joke.

That said, it could’ve been a number of issues:

  • autocorrect adding an article to an incorrect place

  • general screwup of the presentation



NobodyKnowsMeOutHere t1_j6nnchi wrote

My previous statement about explaining a joke stands.


darkingz t1_j6nnvjn wrote

Yes explaining a joke makes it less funny. I didn’t say it was a funny joke. But I did say that because you are misunderstanding how this joke isn’t relying on a joke being known before hand or sounds because of some meta joke commentary. At some point a joke has to be based on something. Whether it’s a misunderstanding or not.


Glacierwolf55 t1_j6pj70c wrote

Jokes are only truly funny when told in your native language. Even then, only somewhat smart people get them. Not Rhodes Scholar smart, but more with it then the average bear.