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CHARLIE-MF-BROWN t1_j5pq0tz wrote

I'm blind so in my situation I just can't see this happening.


[deleted] t1_j5pq3zs wrote



IndyAndyJones7 t1_j5rj4bd wrote

You're laughing at someone for being visually impaired? You really think that's okay?


ephmal t1_j5rq8j0 wrote

As he laughs and laughs…silently…and to himself.


c0dyw0dy27 OP t1_j5svn27 wrote

I'm laughing at someone getting poked in the eye, where the hell did you get visual impairment from 🤦‍♂️


coarsing_batch t1_j5tr1wr wrote

I would rather people laugh at me than not. At least then I know I’m normal. Don’t treat me any differently just because I can’t see it.


coarsing_batch t1_j5tqykh wrote

My husband and I are also blind. I have prosthetic eyes, but he has real ones. One day we were really getting into sex, and things were heating up until I stuck my finger directly into the back of his eyesocket. And it was not long after we’d had the worst fight we have ever had. So it was really awkward and I spent an hour trying to reassure him that I really wasn’t actually trying to kill him. He was not happy.


cdzhunter91 t1_j5uqx9w wrote

Just trying to help… you spelled bitch wrong in your profile name. Just looking out for you


coarsing_batch t1_j5uujx4 wrote

You are very weird, but OK.


yebutwhy t1_j5yteep wrote

You finger eye sockets… let’s not be so quick to call others weird. Like why so deep? Are you jealous of his real eyes? I’m sorry if this is all %100 true and I’m being insensitive but like I’m pretty desensitized by the internet by now, and if it is true, apparently so are you😂


mikeyshub t1_j5t9r5x wrote

I looked it up and I saw what you did there


TooShiftyForYou t1_j5q6swa wrote

I once had a girlfriend who borrowed $100 from me. When we broke up 2 years later, she gave me the $100 back.

I lost interest in that relationship.


Ok-Resist-556 t1_j5puuzu wrote

Girlfriend asked me sensually "make me scream while using two fingers..." So i poked her in the eyes


c0dyw0dy27 OP t1_j5pv37f wrote

Ah well she should watch out next time haha


zipadyduda t1_j5s11vy wrote

And put her hand karate chop style in front of her nose?


Pun_In_Ten_Did t1_j5subyj wrote

Girlfriend asked me to "give her 6 inches and make it hurt.." so I fucked her twice and punched her in the head.


Am_I_Not_A_Robot t1_j5s1l2h wrote

My girlfriend asked me to give her 12 inches and make her bleed. So I f@*ked her twice and punched her in the nose!


dadarkgtprince t1_j5pn3qd wrote

Bet you didn't see it coming


movielover154 t1_j5pne2z wrote

He didn’t see her cumming either.


c0dyw0dy27 OP t1_j5pnwsr wrote

No need to make it dirty now is there 🤣


movielover154 t1_j5po4th wrote

No need to be a prude. Sex isn’t dirty.


c0dyw0dy27 OP t1_j5poa2u wrote

😂😂 well this joke isn't even on the topic of sex or anything like that so the comment was highly unnecessary bud


Not-Jesus666 t1_j5s4b6x wrote



c0dyw0dy27 OP t1_j5svpqx wrote



Not-Jesus666 t1_j5turem wrote

Everyone on Reddit is horny and all they think about is sex


movielover154 t1_j5povm2 wrote

So, violence is O.K., but something normal is off the table? Your priorities are messed up, bud.


c0dyw0dy27 OP t1_j5pp0wa wrote

Well I'm just thinking if younger people on here


ZarosRunescape t1_j5pt9sm wrote

Reddits minimum age is 13, pretty sure 13 yr olds know about sex


c0dyw0dy27 OP t1_j5ptz5k wrote

Cone on bud, people lie about age it's quite easy


ZarosRunescape t1_j5puqiu wrote

Well it clearly states that they should be 13+ to join reddit, if they dont follow that rule its on them if they hear about sex (which is pretty mild for reddit)


dadarkgtprince t1_j5qc42r wrote

You also need to be at least 18 to visit pr0n sites. How many kids were going to them in high school before they were legal age


ZarosRunescape t1_j5qch9l wrote

Yes and would you get annoyed if you saw something mentioning sex on pornhub?


dadarkgtprince t1_j5qd1t4 wrote

Seeing sex mentioned on a reddit, no. There are plenty of subs that contain that material. Seeing sex mentioned on a joke that has nothing sexual about it? Yes.

>saw something mentioning sex on pornhub?

This is the intended audience, so it's fine. A comparison for this scenario would be you went to the grocery store to buy bread but someone was there trying to sell you sex toys. Time and place


CnH9588 t1_j5spgij wrote

But Wal-Mart does that anyways. They sell lube and sex toys.


movielover154 t1_j5pphk0 wrote

So, teach them that physically harming someone is better than healthy sexuality is preferable.


c0dyw0dy27 OP t1_j5ppmxw wrote

Well they're going to learn about violence before learning about that


movielover154 t1_j5pq42z wrote

Only if one is given preeminence over the other. Mass shootings are normalized, but sex is “dirty”? What a a messed up society.


c0dyw0dy27 OP t1_j5pqdtp wrote

I have to agree there first but I'd rather teach my child about violence as that's more major. It's all dirty but bottom line is this joke has nothing to do with sex so let's not go down that route yeah


anally_ExpressUrself t1_j5ruh3v wrote

Never wrestle with a pig. You get disgusting, and the pig likes it.

Similar advice applies to this whole long thread.


Darth_Molotok t1_j5putdz wrote

Violence and sex are ok, as long as nobody says any naughty words.


movielover154 t1_j5pv7zz wrote

We’ll, that’s entirely subjective. Parents who let their kids on REDDIT in the first place have already failed.


Darth_Molotok t1_j5pwyhl wrote

True, but I was also sorta quote Sheila from the South Park movie.


akhan4786 t1_j5qsb1w wrote

There's a new air freshener which works with mind control... makes scents when you think about it.


Longjumping-Ad-2394 t1_j5qrfmd wrote

That was a mistake. So, why don’t you just turn a blind eye to her?


unbaer t1_j5sy6ep wrote

because then you’d be saying the word eye twice in the same sentence and it just doesn’t flow as well


BigNickEnergy216 t1_j5qy8ul wrote

I hope you looked both ways before telling this story.


Nimonix t1_j5reegv wrote

You should poke her face, pa poke her face!


[deleted] t1_j5przz7 wrote

So i never let her wear that toy again.


Puzzled_Inflation_95 t1_j5sw1uf wrote

It's 430 am I can't sleep I had my k9 pulled yesterday and needed this lauf.


Waitsfornoone t1_j5qdnp9 wrote

You might want to re-think only "for a while."


[deleted] t1_j5rxla8 wrote

Say it like Jimmy Carr

My girlfriend poked me in the eye

[pause] Last time I give her head (sour tone)

[pause] She’s getting snipped this weekend (upbeat)


the_powered_guy t1_j5ssxx4 wrote

I told you not to go down on her. I knew she had a dick


douchebaghere t1_j5thak5 wrote

And I poked her in the ass. We are a cute couple of poker players.


omnom08_ t1_j5thqzx wrote

The real joke here is saying they have a girlfriend


Crapapple_Gtag t1_j5tql7n wrote

oh no unfortunately he stopped her i feel bad for him he must of liked it


BotCo_Teum t1_j5ulpyf wrote

You need to keep an eye out for this kind of thing…


rbunny111 t1_j5pn9av wrote

But I eventually got over it and we're back on good terms... or should I say eye terms


GuyAwks t1_j5t6330 wrote

Beauty is in the eye socket of the beholder


douchebaghere t1_j5tgu44 wrote

And now for unknown reasons, definitely not related to me, people aren't able to find her body, I mean her.


lol_ole_me t1_j5u56vl wrote

You folks are twisted. I bet you remember the dead baby jokes


distorted_allergy446 t1_j6nvvcc wrote

But I overcame it finally, and now we're on good terms again—or should I say eye terms?