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CHARLIE-MF-BROWN t1_j5pq0tz wrote

I'm blind so in my situation I just can't see this happening.


[deleted] t1_j5pq3zs wrote



IndyAndyJones7 t1_j5rj4bd wrote

You're laughing at someone for being visually impaired? You really think that's okay?


ephmal t1_j5rq8j0 wrote

As he laughs and laughs…silently…and to himself.


c0dyw0dy27 OP t1_j5svn27 wrote

I'm laughing at someone getting poked in the eye, where the hell did you get visual impairment from 🤦‍♂️


coarsing_batch t1_j5tr1wr wrote

I would rather people laugh at me than not. At least then I know I’m normal. Don’t treat me any differently just because I can’t see it.


coarsing_batch t1_j5tqykh wrote

My husband and I are also blind. I have prosthetic eyes, but he has real ones. One day we were really getting into sex, and things were heating up until I stuck my finger directly into the back of his eyesocket. And it was not long after we’d had the worst fight we have ever had. So it was really awkward and I spent an hour trying to reassure him that I really wasn’t actually trying to kill him. He was not happy.


cdzhunter91 t1_j5uqx9w wrote

Just trying to help… you spelled bitch wrong in your profile name. Just looking out for you


coarsing_batch t1_j5uujx4 wrote

You are very weird, but OK.


yebutwhy t1_j5yteep wrote

You finger eye sockets… let’s not be so quick to call others weird. Like why so deep? Are you jealous of his real eyes? I’m sorry if this is all %100 true and I’m being insensitive but like I’m pretty desensitized by the internet by now, and if it is true, apparently so are you😂


mikeyshub t1_j5t9r5x wrote

I looked it up and I saw what you did there