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Wundawuzi t1_j6cv26y wrote

In his drunk state he though he perfectly mimiced the cuckoo clock. So when she asked him when he came home he just lied and said 12. The wife then, in a funny way, explains to him that his mimicry was terrible and she absolutely knew.


Initial_E t1_j6cw8ck wrote

It’s like the lambo driving scene in wolf of Wall Street.


CuryInAHury t1_j6cxzpb wrote

I thought it was a Ferrari


Initial_E t1_j6cy6ra wrote

Shit it’s either a countach or a testarossa but for the life of me I can’t remember. Was I high on qualludes?

Edit: I think the doors swing up, not out.


Gtp4life t1_j6d7217 wrote

Specifically it’s a countach 25th anniversary edition. And yes they destroyed a real one for that scene.


Jackalope_Sasquatch t1_j6drb8i wrote

>Shit it’s either a countach or a testarossa

That's a totally different scene when he's looking at her countach, though...


2stoked t1_j6czibw wrote

Ferrari was the first scene in the movie, countach is where he takes the lemon and tries to get to the payphone at the country club to call Donnie