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loomdog1 t1_jadh589 wrote

Customer Service. If you think a Karen haircut is sexy you'll be in heaven.


PinkCrystal1031 OP t1_jadhnm7 wrote

I use to work in customer service and there were times my manager talked to me like a child.I’m in my early thirties and she was probably in her fifties. Idk I’m not good with ages.Glad I had to leave.

Edit. Sorry it’s was a female manager.


Groucho-Marxist50 t1_jadpmac wrote

He was in her 50’s? What pronouns did they use? This shit is confusing anymore. 😀


PinkCrystal1031 OP t1_jaf0jrd wrote

Sorry typos. The manager was a woman. There were times she actually wagged her finger at me.


inca_ante t1_jae26ai wrote



peb396 t1_jaeqa26 wrote

Pronouns are interchangeable these days. Just roll with it.


Groucho-Marxist50 t1_jaetsr1 wrote

I’m trying but I’m an old fuck trying to navigate


peb396 t1_jaf4mn1 wrote

Me too I guess...pronouns used to make I find myself steering only to keep the ship between the shores.