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loomdog1 t1_jadh589 wrote

Customer Service. If you think a Karen haircut is sexy you'll be in heaven.


PinkCrystal1031 OP t1_jadhnm7 wrote

I use to work in customer service and there were times my manager talked to me like a child.I’m in my early thirties and she was probably in her fifties. Idk I’m not good with ages.Glad I had to leave.

Edit. Sorry it’s was a female manager.


Groucho-Marxist50 t1_jadpmac wrote

He was in her 50’s? What pronouns did they use? This shit is confusing anymore. 😀


PinkCrystal1031 OP t1_jaf0jrd wrote

Sorry typos. The manager was a woman. There were times she actually wagged her finger at me.


inca_ante t1_jae26ai wrote



peb396 t1_jaeqa26 wrote

Pronouns are interchangeable these days. Just roll with it.


Groucho-Marxist50 t1_jaetsr1 wrote

I’m trying but I’m an old fuck trying to navigate


peb396 t1_jaf4mn1 wrote

Me too I guess...pronouns used to make I find myself steering only to keep the ship between the shores.


Stratobastardo34 t1_jae1xty wrote

This really isn't a joke. It's a fact.


PinkCrystal1031 OP t1_jae8z47 wrote

I though it’s was funny because I remember talking to someone in an adult chat room that said he had a humiliation kink. I said guess you work in customer service. He thought it was funny.


Borsti17 t1_jaesbne wrote

That's not a joke, that's straight up facts.


NelifeLerak t1_jaf1x39 wrote

That's not even funny. That's just common knowledge.


ThatCrossDresser t1_jaf2zuv wrote

On a support call with an angry customer, if they start yelling give them a, "Yeah daddy yell at me." Loud enough they can hear it but not so loud they can be 100% sure you said it. Deny everything if they bring it up and give them the most generic corporate, "we are sorry and we would be glad to help you" . They will be really calm the rest of the call and really listen to you. That or they will just hang up, either way it is a win.


MaseratiBiturbo t1_jaed9bg wrote

installing turn signals on BMW cars at the factory...


DailyQuotidien t1_jaemkgc wrote

Politician-go back and watch Anthony Weiner and his wife up on stage during his press conferences after he was caught. They were totally into the humiliation.


MazingerZeta28 t1_jaf43w2 wrote

That man changed the course of human history. Dick pics on a laptop. James Comey calling into question Hillary Clinton just weeks away from an election she was poised to win.


Terrible_Special_877 t1_jaev3gp wrote



Tuxedo_Muffin t1_jaf2zmf wrote

Stripping isn't humiliating! It kinda smells bad, and it sucks when everyone's just watching while you're moving around doing all the work. But it's worth it in end the end when all that paint is removed!


The_Baron___ t1_jaeaetr wrote

These darn questions always makes me think I'm seeing the "no stupid questions" reddit rather than a buildup to a punchline.

But at least this time it answered the question with a joke and the best answer.


ThinMint31 t1_jaexst0 wrote

WTF is a humiliation kink?


PinkCrystal1031 OP t1_jaf0wkp wrote

I might be confit with a fetish, all I know is that some people like being humiliated.