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Why is your pig missing a leg?

-Well, one day I was working at the barn when i accidentally dropped my gas lamp and everything caught on fire, the whole barn was surrounded by the flames and there was no way out. I was pretty sure I was going to die, but suddenly, my pig came running through the flames, grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me out of the barn and saved my life.

Wow, and that’s how he lost its leg?

-No, one day I was fishing by the lake when I suddenly tripped and fell into the water, I caught myself tangled by the fishing line and couldn’t swim back to land, that’s when I saw an alligator swimming towards me, that’s when I once again was pretty sure my time had come, but that beautiful pig threw itself into the lake, swam towards me, grabbed my arm, and pulled me out of the water, once again saving my life.

Oh, and did the alligator bite its leg off?


Then how did your pig lose its leg?

-Well, it’s such a great pig I just couldn’t eat it all at once.



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Ground2ChairMissile t1_j9zx8hb wrote

Sounds like that's some pig.

Maybe even a terrific or radiant one.


Comfortable-Mood-451 t1_j9zvlpy wrote

This is quite possibly the best joke I’ve read on this site.


P0L1Z1STENS0HN t1_j9zwwel wrote

At least it's a very good one, if number of reposts is a metric for quality.


dremxox t1_ja0d1e8 wrote

Well, it's such a great joke; you can't just kill it all at once.


[deleted] t1_ja2epeu wrote

Can’t wait to see it reposted next month.


FlashpointJ24 t1_ja0viam wrote

I heard the punchline as, "By God, man, you don't eat a pig like that all at once!"


Motorboat_Jones t1_ja0ushh wrote

That's one charming mother-fuckin' pig. Like 10x more charming than that Arnold from Green Acres.


Edelgeuse t1_j9zye4n wrote

Holling VinCoure was a clever fellow


Bezultek t1_ja1gwzt wrote

Great joke. The punch line of this joke is the movie Repo Man. It was years later when I heard the setup.


SassyBananaPants t1_ja21ydt wrote

omg - how funny.

my dad told me this joke probably 50 years ago and I retell it all the time!

Your version is different and it still made me laugh!


Vidadaphas t1_ja24z4z wrote

😦.. i am..terrified...


MoosemanXL t1_ja2k0k5 wrote

Glad to see the old ones coming around again!


Mudgen53 t1_ja66jq8 wrote

This always reminds me of the one about the truck full of migrant laborers who rolled into the middle of a small town school fire, jumped out and beat the fire out with landscaping tools and hats, saving dozens of lives. Presented with a collection taken up in the helpless but awed crowd, the driver of the truck was asked what they would do with the money.

"Fix the brakes on the truck."


Due_Platypus_3913 t1_ja0tosm wrote

“Now that pig knew,,”When I was a kid ,my Grandpa was good friends with Rex Allen,the singing Cowboy movie star,turned Nashville mainstay,and voice over actor.HE NARRATED CHARLOTTES WEB!And it was a huge hit at the time.