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crash866 t1_j9ii803 wrote

I named my dog ‘5 miles’ just so I can say I walk 5 miles three times every day.


GoatWarlock t1_j9j4f3i wrote

My neighbor named his dog “grandpa” so whenever he left the house he’d tell people he left his kids with grandpa.


indykarter t1_j9jr0sk wrote

I named my dog Shot. Love the looks when we are at the park and I am repeatedly yelling "Come Shot".


Viv3210 t1_j9lqdew wrote

I called my turtle “the speed of light” just so I can say I run faster than the speed of light


RedditVince t1_j9jk8rn wrote

That's kind of a short version of his joke.

I am shitty at jokes so I won't try to flesh it out.


Comfortable-Mood-451 t1_j9i9mw8 wrote

Can you please spell check before you submit?


Imaginary-Air27 t1_j9iei25 wrote

Should it be "Doc I'm 70 miles from my house"?


Firewing435 OP t1_j9ieltz wrote

Meh. Dont really care for Proper Punctuation.


BlurryBigfoot74 t1_j9ifgaz wrote

That's not punctuation. That's an entirely different word that makes no sense.


[deleted] t1_j9ifmac wrote



BlurryBigfoot74 t1_j9ifua4 wrote

N and M are totally different letters here on earth.


Firewing435 OP t1_j9ifzac wrote

🤦 somebody could have pointed that out from the fucking start. I dont always notice my typos


slamdanceswithwolves t1_j9igafv wrote

Wait, now you want us to point out your typos? Pick a lane.


Firewing435 OP t1_j9igf6t wrote

I thought they were complaining about me saying Dont instead of Don't. I didnt realize i typed in by mistake instead of im


slamdanceswithwolves t1_j9igl7p wrote

So punctuation errors are off limits but spelling suggestions are welcome? Forgive me, I’m just getting up to speed.


Firewing435 OP t1_j9igs2r wrote

Its commonplace for me to not use Apostrophes but as in Typing on a cellphone screen typos Happen alot but i dont always catch every single one such as in when its supposed to be in


slamdanceswithwolves t1_j9igunj wrote



Firewing435 OP t1_j9igxyl wrote

<----Blonde. That should be a perfect explanation for everything


BlurryBigfoot74 t1_j9igjo5 wrote

I was trying to tell you dude.

My lizard brain punches me in the face when I see the wrong word and I just can't let it go. Sorry.


Firewing435 OP t1_j9iglzg wrote

That should've been the Very First comment


apd543 t1_j9jzttd wrote

Why is everyone giving firewing such a hard time over a typo 🤔.


DutchOfBurdock t1_j9jkyx6 wrote

I told my doctor it hurts when I touch my leg, it hurts when I touch my arm, it hurts when I touch my face. What could it be, I ask.

Hmm. She says. You've got a broken finger.


ThePowerOfStories t1_j9m19dg wrote

This is twice as funny as when it was posted a few days ago with a week and 35 miles.