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Justhaunt64 t1_j8l32ej wrote

If it wasnt empty when you dropped it you already have.


CherriMaraschino t1_j8mcfcs wrote

Hey genius, where'd you get all that money from


myhotthing t1_j8mflg6 wrote

or what to repay you


CherriMaraschino t1_j8nr8ex wrote

Unless I'm wrong.... Correct me if I'm wrong go right ahead


CherriMaraschino t1_j8nyygb wrote

Oh word refusing to pay your artists you forced on to your label and demanding money...and also robbing them til they're completely broke in an effort to force them onto your label just in case they want to sign to a different label/ own their masters. Got it.


[deleted] t1_j8mckmk wrote



CherriMaraschino t1_j8nikqc wrote

This is actally based on a true story. Glad you got a laugh out of can tell alot about a person (label) by the voices they feel the need to suppress. And this says a lot more about them than me btw think I found the empty wallet. You seen it.