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Intercellar t1_j9w78bq wrote

He also stays completely still if you're looking at him


kenn714 t1_j9wb0m8 wrote

Have you tried rigging up a device that will kill a cat based on the state of your car?


Zeddicus11 t1_j9wimfk wrote

When I went to pick up my car, he said he couldn't tell me where it was, but assured me its velocity was 0 mph. Weird dude.


Dr_Original_Gangster t1_j9wrrdq wrote

He's an audiophile too; owns top quality speaks. Every day during business hours, music is blasting because he turns higgs boson.


Silt99 t1_j9xmsew wrote

If you pay him the superposition collapses into the repaired state. Unless you've been ripped off