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DrLycFerno t1_ja3cze6 wrote

Your joke is outdated, now we're above 8 billion


ohbyerly t1_ja3u1vw wrote

Not to mention the fact that it’s a fucking Chuck Norris joke


ObtuseBug t1_ja3xyhk wrote

Keep laughing until you get that roundhouse out of nowhere, but also directly in front of you.


ohbyerly t1_ja4jiyq wrote

Chuck Norris jokes died with the housing market in 2008


Shaggypezdispense t1_ja52dw4 wrote

Nah they’re still funny if you don’t just follow the internet’s standard of funny


Waitsfornoone t1_ja3nptq wrote



Mindless-Ad2244 t1_ja3o7gt wrote

Non-western traditional people: y-yeah, only 8.01 billion,,,, Bayode! Tell your 16 brothers to stay hidden a few more minutes


Wolfenberg t1_ja4mdit wrote

Back from when "let's them live" would be an excusable mistake..


NoSpankingAllowed t1_ja4a1ir wrote

And 6 billion just crossed into America from Mexico.


robotnique t1_ja5thex wrote

Whoever downvoted you didn't get the Marjorie Taylor-Greene reference, I believe.

Six billion illegals with probably nine times that number of genders invading the America States of Necessary Divorce to make your children socialists who are taught by educators in drag about evolution.


NoSpankingAllowed t1_ja8bsvn wrote

Im absolutely sure they didn't or they were just offended that I brought it up. She does have supporters (some how).