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boing757 t1_jdvi2zh wrote

LPT: clean up your mess after you make it and don't leave it for someone else.


ChronWeasely t1_jdwb95n wrote

I live alone. It's always left for me. Some times are better than others for cleaning


monkywrnch t1_jdwe2nk wrote

Future you must hate past you


LeToucan_ t1_jdwefhi wrote

Sometimes present me wants to fuck with future me and just throws all dirty dishes in the sink. Hate that guy.


singlecoloredpanda t1_jdx2kos wrote

This works well if you leave your favorite junk food next to the dirty dishes as a apology to future you.


Incandescent_Lass t1_jdwh2uo wrote

Future me is gonna be as high as giraffe pussy while cleaning, so I know he’s cool with it.


finnjakefionnacake t1_jdz4uwc wrote

i have also been really discovering the joys of cleaning while high as of late. i used to just want to veg out and stare into space, but i can be oddly productive with simple tasks like that without being annoyed. Happy, even. lol


Demiansmark t1_jdxctl5 wrote

I mean, compared to being high as a kite, that isn't that high.


ranluka t1_jdwe7mb wrote

Generally good advice, but if you just cooked, you probably want to eat. Possibly with whoever you made food for.

And the stove is probably too hot to the touch to clean safely right away...

And by the time it's cooled, you're now in a food comma on the couch...


TheOneTrollmonkey t1_jdwpjoh wrote

I'm going to argue that it's still easier to clean up while you're cooking, up to the point of serving the food, than it is to come back later to deal with all the mess you just made.

By all means, though, when you serve your meal, go eat and spend time with your family / friends / guests!


Chableezy t1_jdvsxny wrote

Pffft. What's next? Washing dishes WHILE I'm cooking? Psshhht.


Demiansmark t1_jdxding wrote

Amateur hour here. Build a workspace - cooking supplies and mini fridge to your left, hot plate on table to your left, eating surface in front, two sinks and mini dishwasher to your right. Luckily your seat is a toilet. All done? Recline that bad boy and take a nap. Literally rinse and repeat.


JosephRW t1_jdx4l07 wrote

Real talk it's when I do dishes and if I don't cook for a while my dish pile gets pretty bad which starts the cycle of cooking for myself again. Always be getting back on the horse.


Scuka1 t1_jdvaynj wrote

LPT: Invest 23 seconds of your life after each cooking to wipe your stovetop clean and there won't ever be any grime that needs loosening.


seamustheseagull t1_jdvud5l wrote

If you can at all, get an induction hob. It's actual witchcraft. All the power and accuracy of gas burners, with the cleanliness of an electric one. Nothing ever gets burnt onto an induction hob.


kermitdafrog21 t1_jdw9y5f wrote

Everyone talks about how great induction is but I absolutely hate the one in my apartment. It feels like a worse version of electric cooktops


Dioxyn t1_jdwfzab wrote

The stove in your apartment is likely to be a flat-top, infrared stove. This is not the same as a true induction stove.

Infrared stoves are far cheaper and suck Satan gonads.


adrianmonk t1_jdwjkl7 wrote

Infrared may suck in comparison to induction, but it's still better than traditional electric (with the big fat exposed coils) in my experience.

Neither traditional electric nor infrared is very good at providing a lot of heat. However, infrared adjusts very quickly and heats more evenly, and it's way easier to clean.


Dioxyn t1_jdwmf9f wrote

Yes, but they're both terrible at heat management. Their elements are either off or surface of the sun hot with no in between.


sir-alpaca t1_jdwhfle wrote

Does it light up red? Does it get warm without a pot on it? Then it's maybe an infrared one, and those suck, but not as hard as resistance heaters.


Kolby_Jack t1_jdw7dzl wrote

LPT: 23 seconds of easy labor every time you use your stove adds up to be greater then the 10 minutes of hard labor required to clean your stove after 6 months of grime build-up.


Scuka1 t1_jdw7y1o wrote

Yeah, having months worth of grime in your kitchen to save a few minutes per week on cleaning time sounds like a good tradeoff. /s


heyiambob t1_jdw8tiy wrote

To each their own. People have different thresholds


Dripht_wood t1_jdxc6p9 wrote

23 seconds per day isn’t very useful though. That probably amounts to around 23 seconds of extra sleep, or getting to work 23 seconds earlier and twiddling your thumbs for that time.

Meanwhile for those 10 minutes you could do a crossword puzzle or something. Watch a fun youtube video.


extordi t1_jdw9g41 wrote

Another LPT: If you wipe up spills/splatters from the stovetop immediately after they happen then not only are they ridiculously easy to clean, but you just saved a step of cleanup for when you are done cooking.


ATLL2112 t1_jdwexp8 wrote

Not a great idea with a gas range unless you like burning yourself trying to get near the grates. Not to mention the stuff that gets under them.


finnjakefionnacake t1_jdz52bq wrote

i mean, i think it's ok to wait until after you turn the flame off. lol. still better to clean it 10 minutes after it happens vs. 10 days.


ATLL2112 t1_jdz57rj wrote

Yes, nothing I like to do more after slaving over a hot stove for 90 mins to cook a meal than let it get cold while I clean the mess I made.

There's literally no food stuffs that I can't get off 2 hours later with some elbow grease and, if needed, barkeeper's friend.


finnjakefionnacake t1_je0qx8e wrote

lol i think 2 hours later is fine too. i think the point is just that the sooner you do it, the easier it is to clean


Cando232 OP t1_jdvfdr6 wrote

Thank you for rewording my post to add the element of passive aggression

Edit: why are you booing me I'm right


Scuka1 t1_jdvgw5i wrote

I didn't reword.

I pointed out the fact that you don't need heat from the oven if you actually maintain a clean stovetop by regularly wiping it clean, or, in other words, not allowing grime to build up, dry out, solidify.


Yasin579 t1_jdvqsmq wrote

So in a way you did reword


SqaueEarthConspiracy t1_jdvrvy7 wrote

Well he didn't reword it, that's suggesting he's making the same point. But he isn't. He's making a completely different point about preventative measures.


bighunter1313 t1_jdw8bmd wrote

Tips for washing car! Don’t let it get dirty, ever. If a bug hits the windshield, immediately pull over and wipe it off. Like, it’s true. But it’s not realistic or helpful in this case. This is a tip for cleaning the stove. Doing exactly what OP described but saying always do it every time. OP is right that this is just the passive aggressive version. In both cases, they are just saying to clean it right after usage.


SqaueEarthConspiracy t1_jdwf7ce wrote

That doesn't really make sense. Cars are much larger and require much more effort to keep clean. In all my adult life I've never had grease or dirt build up on my stove because I spend 30 seconds after cooking a meal to spray and wipe it down. You cannot apply that to a car. If you don't feel that wiping the stove after each use is realistic then I really would not like to see your house.


bighunter1313 t1_jdwhs9k wrote

I think most people, including myself, do not see the stovetop as something that needs to be cleaned after every use. Sure there are neat freaks, but I think I’m in the majority.


SqaueEarthConspiracy t1_jdwihnx wrote

I definitely don't think that's neat freak behaviour. It's just unhygienic to let food residue build up on a kitchen surface. And whether it's something you do or don't do you cannot argue that it's unrealistic.


bighunter1313 t1_jdwkwix wrote

I’m not arguing it’s unrealistic. Just that most people don’t do it. Of course I’d clean up spills or anything of that sort right away.


Scuka1 t1_jdvsofp wrote

Rewording means saying the same thing in a different way.

I'm saying a different thing.


cjfool13 t1_jdvu91i wrote

Oh yeah so you def reworded it


bobtheblob6 t1_jdw8psv wrote

In the same way you just reworded the comment you replied to, yes


humble_oppossum t1_jdvbsc2 wrote

Also, if you have an electric stove where the burners stay hot for a while, add some water and a drop of detergent to the pan you cooked with and put it back on the burner. You end up with "free" hot water to wash that pan, and it loosens anything stuck to the bottom.


Antike t1_jdwl0nw wrote

I've done this but I've always wondered if this wouldn't reduce the lifespan of the pan, given that once you poured cold water into the hot pan the sudden change of temperature will affect it. As far as I remember even some non stick pans have that warning in the packaging.


humble_oppossum t1_jdwmjcl wrote

My personal experience is that it's fine as long as the temperatures aren't extreme and you're not submerging the pan in cold water. The pan usually cools down a little before I do this anyway. They don't retain heat like cast iron. It's often the last thing I do before I sit down to eat


CrimSemGem t1_jdw9clm wrote

That's what I do. Helps alot when food is stuck. Ty


MunnaPhd t1_jdwi0cq wrote

Don’t inhale the steam(soapy) though….. it’s cancerous


humble_oppossum t1_jdwltbt wrote

There won't be steam because it doesn't get that hot but can you educate me on what you mean?


MunnaPhd t1_jdwmmri wrote

The electric/induction stove glass/metal surface gets really really hot. If you put water and detergent on it then there is lots of steam and soapy steam is full of chemicals ….


humble_oppossum t1_jdyrnut wrote

Ok yeah this is after the burner is turned off. None of this will be happening. It only get hot, not anywhere close to generating steam.

Good info though


DoctorAwkward t1_jdvs49p wrote

Tried this, didn't work. Not sure how the heat transfers across the kitchen from my oven to the stove on the other counter.


IBJON t1_jdw9tpw wrote

Obviously you need to throw a few logs and some gasoline in the stove first. The resulting heat should be enough to cleanse your kitchen of any grime, as well as the rest of your house.


DutchGoldServeCold t1_jdvqvk9 wrote

Not very useful if you have separate appliances


cfdeveloper t1_jdvwiyr wrote

after you microwave water, all the steam will loosen up the shit on the microwave's ceiling, then you can wipe it down easily (instead of worrying about bits of 2 week old clam chowder falling into your coffee)


gl21133 t1_jdw916c wrote

This never works for me. Never mind the fact that my oven and stove are across the kitchen from each other.


Cando232 OP t1_jdwdp2p wrote

That's normal, you need to upgrade to the wireless heat package


gl21133 t1_jdwebeb wrote

Bluetooth natural gas, got it.


Glutenous t1_jdwfa4e wrote

5G; like 4G but the extra G is for Gas


Cando232 OP t1_jdwv6dr wrote

Well it used to be included with 4G hence the name 4GAS but they removed it then changed the name to 5G so people don't realize it's not covered anymore


Baby_bluega t1_jdw5weh wrote

I actually just took apart my stoves front door yesterday, and took out the inner glass piece and cleaned that out. Only took about 15 minutes, but god it made my stove look so much cleaner.


finnjakefionnacake t1_jdz547t wrote

i've been scared to do that because i don't know if i'll be able to put it back together right, lol.


Baby_bluega t1_je0h5jr wrote

Im sure it depends on the oven, but mine was 4 screws, then the glass piece just slid right out. The handle came loose on mine, so I had to redo one of the screws anyways. While I was doing it I saw how easy it would be to take that piece out, so I went for it.


RigasTelRuun t1_jdw5g9k wrote

If you stove top is covered in hard crime you got some serious thinking about your life to do.


mook1178 t1_jdwv95a wrote

LPT: Clean while you cook...


burchy_ t1_jdxnsia wrote

Or….wash your stovetop after use and the mess doesn’t become caked on grime that takes 3 digit temps to break it back down to a removable state….? LMAO


bisskits t1_jdvzfml wrote

I started putting aluminum foil around my burners and they do catch quite a lot


socalmikester t1_jdw7qw3 wrote

purple zep from home depot works really well too.


Jaded_yank t1_jdwmyu9 wrote

Interesting, I always freeze the grime with liquid nitrogen before trying to scrub. Will try this


Cando232 OP t1_jdwoiip wrote

Look at Mr fat cat over here with his liquid nitrogen some of us can only afford gaseous


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dontcareitsonlyreddi t1_jdwdzqu wrote

Also Cooking times are logarithmic.📈

If the box says 30min at 350°🌡️, you can do 3 mins at 3500° ⏲️

It’s quite a time saver.🤗

The more you know!🌈⭐️


TheMooseIsBlue t1_jdwf0k0 wrote

This is also why if a pan is hard to clean, put a little water in it and heat it up and it should be easier.


suberdoo t1_jdwul4z wrote

No don't tell me what to do



Lol jk


KardelSharpeyes t1_jdxjdq3 wrote

Heres another free LPT, don't let grime build up on your oven to the point where you need it to be heated to clean it. Jesus christ.


repub2 t1_jdxwvw2 wrote

Or just use baking soda.


justkeptfading t1_jdxyk0j wrote

If only my oven and stovetop were connected.


MadRoboticist t1_jdy8lbg wrote

Lol, how about just clean your stovetop after you use it. The grease is fresh and easy to remove. No need to heat the oven to loose. It.


SoyInfinito t1_jdyouh2 wrote

I have to wipe my kitchen down after I cook. It’s like OCD for me.


sdnnhy t1_jdz9x9u wrote

Works for your bong too.


cS150 t1_jdzaymo wrote

Are your eggs making contact with the grime?


smackythefrog t1_jdzd5qd wrote

Any suggestion for a toaster oven? Some idiot college kid keeps cooking Italian sausages and salmon in it and the grease/oil just spatters on the sides (and maybe the coils?)

I thought about leaving it on for 5 mins on the lowest heat (325) and then wiping it but I'm still not sure what to spray on it and when to spray it.


Cando232 OP t1_jdzvcns wrote

Be very careful. Those heating elements will burn the ever loving shit out of you in a split second. In a confined space it's like a game of operation. I'd try a strong oven degreaser and clean it cold. Honestly depending how bad it is it may be worthwhile to just buy a new one, and get said idiot a George Foreman grill while you're at it. Toaster ovens aren't multi hundred dollar like full ovens


smackythefrog t1_je11sym wrote

It's not mine, but it's a nice Cuisinart one.

Any recs on an oven cleaner that works best on its own with minimal agitation/scrubbing? Or will any one do?


Cando232 OP t1_je20e0y wrote

The stronger the chemical, the less scrubbing needed. The most effective thing would be something like EZ-off oven cleaner (sodium hydroxide solution if you're not in US). You should be able to spray, let it sit, and wipe off, but make sure you wear rubber gloves as it can burn bare skin. If you don't like strong chemicals, I've heard people use baking soda+water, barkeepers friend, dawn dish soap, lemon juice, or vinegar. Other brands/types of oven cleaner/degreaser would fall somewhere in between the above two options, they don't vary too much apart from special cases like the EZoff


lllNico t1_jdzg399 wrote

ok, seems weird tho. My oven is about a meter away from the stovetop


ne3k0 t1_jdztx69 wrote

But my food will go cold


jdb1984 t1_jdzuz16 wrote

Or just pull out a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend. Best stuff I found when it comes to cleaning grease.


SirSaif t1_jdzv8ix wrote

Tell this to my wife.


Bryan_Mills2020 t1_jdzyz6z wrote

Better yet, clean your stove top right after doing the dishes. The warm, soapy water works very well and cleaning the stove top daily will make clean up a breeze.