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I was (and am) constantly asked "why aren't you drinking?" and while I really don't mind explaining, it gets tiresome.

When I'm carrying around a "beer" bottle or a glass with a colorful liquid in it, the question never comes up.

And, BTW, there's a lot of n/a beers out there now, and many microbreweries even have them! You don't always have to be stuck with odouls!



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Kevin69138 t1_jcniw34 wrote

Fuck whoever hassles you about not drinking. Get new friends.


tn_notahick OP t1_jcnjjv0 wrote

For me, it's not even friends. I swear, random people just ask. I honestly don't mind telling people why I don't drink, I have nothing to hide.. but it does get tiring.

We cruise a lot on Carnival, and drinking seems to be part of the environment, so it's probably that. I'm too old to bother with bars and clubs unless on vacation. Lol


Kevin69138 t1_jcnlerk wrote

Learn how to jab. A face punch does wonders for keeping strangers away


Peterthinking t1_jcnnzf0 wrote

Who cares what people think. I drank a glass of milk at a strip club. Make it weird for people.


DiosMIO_Limon t1_jcnzasz wrote

Use a straw and blow bubbles in your milk while maintaining sever eye contact


HinderedSponge t1_jcnpcf5 wrote

Order a tonic with lime on the rocks. Looks like a vodka/gin cocktail. Otherwise, just forget the haters and own it.


Broadside02195 t1_jcnxrfd wrote

A much better pro tip for life would be to increase the quality of people that you spend time with. Anyone who hassles you because you are choosing not to drink, regardless of your reason, does not deserve the company of another warm blooded individual.


leopozo t1_jcnjdqq wrote

I order club soda and lime.


dgstan t1_jcsmuny wrote

Me too, but it comes in a pint glass, so it doesn't look like an alcoholic drink. But, I've never had anyone hassle me about not drinking.


Em_Adespoton t1_jcnic0c wrote

I always just ask what their best virgin drinks are. And then I usually grab a cranberry ginger ale.


CoffeemonsterNL t1_jcpif75 wrote

Just keep in mind that those people complaining of you not drinking alcohol are insecure sissies who think they can only be the man/gal/whatever when drinking alcohol, and those remarks become only more silly. They do not realize that they only make an ass of themselves with those remarks.


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Redditisapuppet t1_jcnhhlf wrote

I'm right there with you. My go to fav...Cranberry, pineapple juice and club soda. Try it sometime. I was at Whiskey Cowgirl last week and 3 people asked what I was drinking, I said the bartender made me something special.


tn_notahick OP t1_jcnitb7 wrote

Ok will give that a try, thanks! We cruise a lot and I always get the "bottomless bubbles" which is unlimited soda and juice. I get my money's worth with cranberry/grapefruit/pineapple-- equal parts. Tastes great AND the cranberry is pretty good for me. :)


Redditisapuppet t1_jcnox2d wrote

That sounds pretty good too. I'll give that a go next time. Thanks.


GardenGood2Grow t1_jcnifu3 wrote

Get a non alcoholic beer and pour it in a glass


webjocky t1_jco37ph wrote

I order a carbonated drink of whatever I'm feeling at the time.

I'm usually the DD anyways and I don't have to explain myself to others.

As someone who used to have paralyzing anxiety, over time I learned to just not care what other people think. It's certainly not an easy thing to achieve, but if I can do it, others can too.


content_aware_phill t1_jcoq7vy wrote

You kinda just need to care less or hang out with people who care less. I don't drink and i go to bars and clubs all the time literally nobody has ever cared about what im drinking or not drinking.


johnnywackman t1_jcpzf7x wrote

Ginger beer and cranberry juice was an incredible sober October drink for me


AlJameson64 t1_jcq3j07 wrote

"Why are you drinking?"

"I am drinking, see?"

"That's a weird question to ask a stranger."


bitchlasagna222 t1_jcsdbpm wrote

I don’t hang with people who need to be that rude about my choice not to drink.


JollyMcStink t1_jcp3ovt wrote

I am on a break from drinking for a while (still am on the break now, been about 6 months) and I dead ass order a water with a lime or lemon at bars, and tip like it's a drink. But it's water so it's technically free.

Yet to have anyone say anything about it and I always joke I'm the most hydrated bitch at the bar

Lol @whoever is seemingly upset that I'm hydrated and tip for water 😅


Kevin69138 t1_jcnj0pk wrote

I take it you have never drank Non Alcoholic beer. It tastes like shit does not give alcoholics the satisifying craving of booze.

The best one and soaring thr market right now is athletic brewing.


tn_notahick OP t1_jcnk1qp wrote

Been drinking it for about 15 years, after I found out that it's not the alcohol that I like, it's the taste and just the act of drinking. What you stated may be true for you, but I don't mind n/a beer.

I probably am not an alcoholic except by the strictest of definitions. I just decided I didn't like the hangovers. So maybe what you say is more true for true alcoholics who crave the feeling of being drunk.


HotSalsaAssFire t1_jco24w1 wrote

The new NAs that have been coming out are pretty damn good. I’ve been enjoying the variety of IPAs from Athletic. Only one of our local breweries makes a NA and it’s not too bad. In the past few years it’s gotten better. Especially since Odouls.