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SirCarboy t1_jee7cgh wrote

Don't overdo the stretching or massage.

Squats and deadlifts but start very very light and increase the weight slowly with a major focus on form.

Edit: beginner? Get a coach and lots of guidance


sl0wrx t1_jee8lkz wrote

This could end badly. If this is someone who doesn’t lift and isn’t in a routine already, they’re not going to start squatting and deadlifting lol


spydersens t1_jeej71u wrote

I also feel that this simple jump into load bearing exercises really skips many essential steps like mobilisation, not working through severe pain, etc.


Professional-Cap420 t1_jegw75r wrote

If you are experiencing chronic pain from day to day stuff, you should really be working on routines that stabilize the affected muscle groups before jumping into weight training. That's just asking for an injury.