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MackeyH t1_jdp2voo wrote

I used to know a really good method, but … Anyway you have to make a conscious effort to memorize these things. Some people do this automatically. I’d imagine that you have a hard time remembering directions too. I have the same issue. Often, it’s just that you are preoccupied with other things. Again, when you set your keys down look at them and say out loud “my keys are on the table” or wherever. You probably forget where you parked your car too. Do the same. Say it out loud “row 7” or whatever. The worst thing for your memory is to stress about your memory. Now, what was your question again?


Fkingmeow OP t1_jdp7aiy wrote

Directions yes. I try and remember best I can to just remember the route instead of relying on gps and then it's like wait was it left or right and then I check lol. Parked car is weird I just walk to it automatically. Neat trick I know. Thank you for this I will keep this in mind.