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JordySkateboardy808 t1_jdorq2h wrote

Set up for success. The keys ALWAYS go in the same place. Just like everything else you need often.


PopeyeNJ t1_jdosfp0 wrote

This is the only answer. Get organized, set routines and stick to them. Have a place for everything and everything in its place.


AnglerJared t1_jdprix5 wrote

And don’t have a grandma. They just clean your room without telling you, and you can’t find your shoes even though they’re a few feet from where you left them.


Grendahl2018 t1_jdpsp4p wrote

And don’t have a wife. Mine will ‘reorganise’ without telling me, then forgets where she put the stuff she ‘reorganised’. Drives me batshit crazy


Unfair-Thought5814 t1_jdqorry wrote

My SO never puts anything in the same place twice.


JordySkateboardy808 t1_jdqzts1 wrote

I'm the wife who puts things away for my scatterbrained husband all day and then he gets angry because they aren't where he left them.

Me: "Looking for that screwdriver, honey? Did you try the TOOL BOX?"

Hubby: "Angry mumbling"


Karlor_Gaylord_Cries t1_jdoqxfv wrote

I always say to myself 'keys in the hands, keys in the hands" I've locked my keys in my car to many times


m945050 t1_jdpml17 wrote

I carried an old credit card that I had cut out places for my car and house key for years and had used it way to many times. I showed it to a coworker who made his own and around a year later had his wallet stolen. The thieves now not only had his credit cards and money, but his address and access to his house. He was able to change the house door locks before they used them. After that I stopped carrying it and started paying attention before I left the house.


CuppaTeaThreesome t1_jdq8qbw wrote

Have to have keys in hand and look at them before/whilst leaving the house.


Fkingmeow OP t1_jdor7ht wrote

Out of everything, keys phone wallet happens the least. Still happens but because I always say that I tend to avoid frustration with that. I'm talking about other stuff literally anything. And then I know I was gonna do something but don't know what it was and drives me nuts


mwm424 t1_jdot1wm wrote

for me personally, if there is something I'm afraid I will forget, I stop what I am doing, and say it out loud. saying it and hearing it seems to help.


Proper-Aspect-2947 t1_jdoty8m wrote

Yes, simplify and optimize. If you have a place for things, always return to their spot. When a date comes up for something immediately put it in the calendar. Make lists.


dfreinc t1_jdou7jz wrote

take melatonin and magnesium.

if that doesn't work, seek some medical help.

you probably have adhd. from your description.


Fkingmeow OP t1_jdouiia wrote

Well I'll be damned


dfreinc t1_jdouzre wrote

sorry. 🙏

it's not the worst thing to have. any consolation.


Fkingmeow OP t1_jdovba2 wrote

Appreciate the nice words but if this whole time I do end up having adhd, not that bad tbh I've been out here killing it.


dfreinc t1_jdovnx6 wrote

sounds like adhd my guy. even from what you just said.

sometimes it's easier to adapt. it's a spectrum. i'm bipolar to the point i've been diagnosed psychotic and all. i don't take meds. fucks meds. i'm me. 🙏

side note; practice mindfulness. being self aware all the time really eliminated a lot of that. at least outwardly.


oO0-__-0Oo t1_jdqnybt wrote

> you probably have adhd. from your description.



kytoronto t1_jdv7716 wrote

melatonin for adhd? do you just mean to help sleep so you're less forgetful? for some reason melatonin doesn't work for me at all. I tried taking it a few times, it just makes me wake up in 2 hours and it didn't help me fall asleep any faster.


dfreinc t1_jdv80f4 wrote

yea, that was my thinking. i'm only going by my wife and kid but if they don't sleep well they are completely scatterbrained the next day.

i use melatonin if i'm wide awake and it's too late to be wide awake. i've read other users having to take wildly varying dosages to get any effect. sometimes only a tiny amount (.3-.5mg) helps people, then there's other people popping like 10mg. seems like a very trial and error/everybody's different type of med.

best to take it a few hours before bed and not at bed time in my experience.


kytoronto t1_jdv8jsf wrote

thank you for the quick response!

I have tried taking it earlier before, it just doesn't do anything when i sleep then :(

haven't tried a heavy dosage yet though! I got a little spooked when it just made me wake up from a nightmare after 2 hours a coupon times. like it just seemed to make things worse for me. I wonder if different brands of melatonin make a difference.

if you or anyone has experienced something similar and got it to work please let me know :)


dfreinc t1_jdv9ugp wrote

>haven't tried a heavy dosage like you suggested yet though!

i'm not exactly suggesting it, i was just stating it. 😂

being hesitant about that just means you're cautious, which you should be taking any meds. definitely research it. i'm a lucky one, low doses work great for me.

i know some people are brand name loyal but i've never noticed any difference with melatonin personally.

you could also try zquil gummies if the melatonin doesn't work itself. it's got melatonin in them but it's got some other stuff that helps sleep. they're pretty non-habit forming, i was taking them for awhile and then just stopped one day, wasn't a big deal.


kytoronto t1_jdva1v9 wrote

sorry! didn't mean to put words in your mouth :) I edited my post! (in case someone doesn't read this far) thanks for adding your experience!


MackeyH t1_jdp2voo wrote

I used to know a really good method, but … Anyway you have to make a conscious effort to memorize these things. Some people do this automatically. I’d imagine that you have a hard time remembering directions too. I have the same issue. Often, it’s just that you are preoccupied with other things. Again, when you set your keys down look at them and say out loud “my keys are on the table” or wherever. You probably forget where you parked your car too. Do the same. Say it out loud “row 7” or whatever. The worst thing for your memory is to stress about your memory. Now, what was your question again?


Fkingmeow OP t1_jdp7aiy wrote

Directions yes. I try and remember best I can to just remember the route instead of relying on gps and then it's like wait was it left or right and then I check lol. Parked car is weird I just walk to it automatically. Neat trick I know. Thank you for this I will keep this in mind.


Yetis-unicorn t1_jdparhx wrote

Point of action stations. Writing checklists at different stations in the house. For instance things you need to have put away before exiting the kitchen, bathroom etc…. I also lay out my cloths that I’ll need for the next day, prepack everything that I can for my morning and attach a post it note on my bag with a check list for the things I can’t prepack. For example, my keys, papers, iPad, and water bottle all get packed the night before. I write a note to remind me to get my lunch out of the fridge and my coffee thermos and put that note on my bag so I’ll have the reminder in the morning. I have adhd so all these tricks to set things up in advance are crucial to me.


Daddywags42 t1_jdowml8 wrote

Phone, Wallet, Keys,

Phone, Wallet, Keys.


Argyrus777 t1_jdqa1ja wrote

I do this every time I leave the house but since reduced it to “phone and wallet” because I can’t drive off without my keys anyways


Somethingdifferent39 t1_jdpe4qs wrote

I would tell you but I know you are going to forget about this thread so no point.


KajunDC t1_jdqnh20 wrote

When you set anything like that down, immediately say in a very loud and clear voice where they are. This auditory stimulus will help you remember. It gives the location emphasis in your mind.


nzdennis t1_jdorevc wrote

Improve one's forgetfulness?!


Fkingmeow OP t1_jdoroz3 wrote

As I wrote that title it did sound weird to me. You know what I meant lmao


nzdennis t1_jdosdlo wrote

Same with me. Now, I learned to slow down before I leave home and give myself one minute to relax so my memory kicks in.


Icy-Reflection6014 t1_jdosmjv wrote

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Reduce the number of things you have to remember. Write things down and set yourself reminders in a calendar. Put things in the same place each time.

Also, pay attention to what you’re forgetful about. Maybe there’s a pattern that points at some underlying reason.


mcluhan007 t1_jdphm5o wrote

I attached Apple AirTags to my wallet, keys, and dog’s collar.


Turbulent-Flamingo84 t1_jdqhllo wrote

Have a place for everything, make lists, write things down, set up reminders


keepthetips t1_jdoq4no wrote

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aeolith t1_jdosdqp wrote

I use a long obnoxious lanyard with loud colors and have a super special key place on the wall that I can easily hit as I walk in and out. I have lost my keys twice in two years and it used to be nearly daily. My solutions involve just accepting I’m out of storage space in my brain and make situations automated.


Emotional_Ad_273 t1_jdoyzzu wrote

I’ve hit my head so many times I’ve given up with s things like this. I just simplify my life more and more. No need to have a lot of belongings or things going on at one time. It makes remembering the important things much easier


nattylite100 t1_jdp1s7l wrote

I went on a mobile phone cleanse for one month where I limited my phone browsing and texting to one hour a day. Instead of texting I called my friends or sent an email via my laptop. I also got back on gchat to chat with friends live on my laptop. My memory improved dramatically and I was shocked/terrified lol.


Beautiful-Page3135 t1_jdpdvc6 wrote

My rule for everything is that I don't put it down, I put it away. Everything has a place and it goes there when I'm done with it.


Shmily318 t1_jdpi9xf wrote

Everything has a place, everything goes in its place


Babblelion t1_jdpjgjm wrote

Get your thyroid checked. It affected my attention and concentration.


Pnkrkg6644 t1_jdpkae9 wrote

I write everything I’m meant to do in my calendar.
I have a spot where everything goes, and I get a bunch of copies of the important things. The exception is my phone and I have found it In the fridge Under my dryer In the closet On top of the microwave On every tool shelf in the basement In the ice maker… Anyway, choose a spot for things for real & use the spot. Put even the most mundane things like garbage day on your calendar so you don’t forget


RJFerret t1_jdpnnka wrote


Keys always stay/go same place no matter what.
Dates on calendar annual repeat.
Simplify, always do annual doctor appointments same time each year.
Associate things. Need to remember to take something somewhere? Put in on your shoes so you can't put them on without it being there.
Medication in the way of toothbrush.
Routines, no first glass of water in the morn without meds. Then get breakfast.


dancurranjr t1_jdpookh wrote

Oh Come On! All you have to do . . . is . . . a . . . . . Fuck! I forgot.


Least_Ostrich7418 t1_jdpvepz wrote

Look into whether or not you might have ashd or some other mental health something going on. It took me a DECADE + to even talk out loud about my struggles or to even think there could be any other reason than me being not good enough to handle life.


MandBoy t1_jdq5zut wrote

Always have your things in the exact same spot.

For an example I know my work note book is in my work pants, I know I have a cable cutter, a knife, a pen and a pencil in the right work pocket.

I will always carry : a work notebook and different chargers, a wallet and keys, cut resistant gloves, the tools listed before, my work phone and my private phone and lastly a power bank.


CuppaTeaThreesome t1_jdq8t17 wrote

Is there something that's got you so distracted?


Fkingmeow OP t1_jds7hyj wrote

Not that I can think of. I'm not even stressed or anything. Sometimes I have a lot of tasks with my job or other stuff that I have to do and I forget most of them until it's time to go somewhere. My girlfriend would be like "okay it's time let's go" uhhhh where are we going again?


MystiqueMisha t1_jdqgz80 wrote

Visit a psychiatrist and get checked for ADHD, I have it too.


[deleted] t1_jds4nzw wrote

Can't help. I bought a small wall hook specifically so I wouldn't keep looking for them. I still search for 10 minutes and get mad and yell at at myself for not putting them in the place I expected. 10 minutes later I find them on the keys hook :(


alphaparson t1_jdsho0m wrote

Wait,I just had it……crap


Remote-Share-1324 t1_jdv5nbm wrote

I guarantee you, you have ADHD


Fkingmeow OP t1_jdvnzyg wrote

Thanks doc! But yeah I'll probably go ahead and confirm it soon lol


centstwo t1_jea7uwg wrote

If I need to bring something with me when I leave the house, I put my car keys in that thing. I can't leave without it.


GodzlIIa t1_jdot88b wrote

Possibly ADHD medication. If its just this I wouldn't worry about it, but might want to consider if you have other symptoms that are negatively affecting your life.

Me I just leave the keys in my pocket. Just dont send them through the wash.


sparklemom2000 t1_jdovcbg wrote

Seek treatment for ADD


Fkingmeow OP t1_jdovgi4 wrote

Is this a walk in clinic thing or do you go somewhere more specialized?


sparklemom2000 t1_jdpemus wrote

Primary care, a walk in clinic doctor who doesn't know you or your history probably won't prescribe controlled substances


_BlueFire_ t1_jdq2b0f wrote

One of the many common symptoms of ADHD. Do a little research on the common symptoms, then if you can relate and are able to afford it do a screening. Please, don't self diagnose, there are enough people claiming to have whatever, which makes it pretty fucking difficult to be credible when you actually are diagnosed.