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travelcasket t1_je3wjg5 wrote

Ask someone with an old car to teach you somewhere in the countryside. Depending on where you live and how common it is, learn to drive stick. So you know in case of an emergency.


Damas_gratis OP t1_je3wsj0 wrote

That is a good idea definitely will go to the country side and learn how to drive there

How long do you think it would take me to learn how to drive to take someone to the hospital?


travelcasket t1_je3xgxp wrote

I learned how to drive when I was 16 (driving is legal here at the age of 17). The basics I got in an hour (stick shift), practice makes you better. I think after maybe 3 or 4 lessons I would have been able to drive someone to a hospital. Can only speak for myself, though. If you learn to drive a car with automatic transmission, it would be much faster.


TimeTravelMishap t1_je3x7d5 wrote

A big empty parking lot is great too. Thats where I learned the basics.


Damas_gratis OP t1_je3xifh wrote

Any other tips, advice you would like to add I would appreciate the info !


TimeTravelMishap t1_je3y6tt wrote

If you are learning in a automatic and ARE in a big empty parking lot...just stay calm man. You can't really fuck it up unless you just slam down the gas and refuse to let up. Just take your time and get the hang of it. Despite how hard some people seem to make it driving a car is way easier then you would think.


Damas_gratis OP t1_je3yb7i wrote

Ya I hear it's not that bad apparently. Hopefully I can start by tomorrow


TimeTravelMishap t1_je3ygzj wrote

Seriously. A lot of stupid people out there make it seem like this is so hard. Wheel make go left and right. Peddles make go and stop. Do these 4 things together and bam you are driving. Only other real tip is when you do get out on the road....since we are discussing stupid people...always keep your eye out. Always drive under the assumption everyone around you is a complete fucking moron who could possibly do the stupidest thing you have ever seen in your life at any second.


Damas_gratis OP t1_je3yt0z wrote

I currently do not have my drivers license. Let's just say I learn how to drive but dont have my license and incase of emergency is this okay?


TimeTravelMishap t1_je3yw6e wrote

Complete crap shoot depending on the cop honestly. And of course depends on if you are white or not.


Damas_gratis OP t1_je3yz8u wrote

True, i'll just paint myself white before the cop arrives to the window and i'll say "Greetings"


TimeTravelMishap t1_je3zd5k wrote

Oh fuck. I was half joking If you aren't white...seriously get your license.


F00mper t1_je4ym6y wrote

Wide open spaces and empty private roads are good to learn on. If you're learning on a stick shift, dirt roads are better since the tires will slip a bit and help you to keep the engine from stalling.

Focus on being smooth and alert

The toughest part about driving is learning to share the road with others. From what I've seen, hospitals are in crowded areas. The only way to learn to deal with traffic is study and practice

If you're interested in going legit and becoming more familiar with the rules of the road, go to your local Department of Licensing, get a free copy of the driver's manual, study it cover- to- cover. Have someone quiz you on the contents of the book. You can test your knowledge in a lot of places with practice tests from your state's DOL


fh3131 t1_je3w55r wrote

If you're broke, then driving school is out. Do you have a friend or family member who would be willing to help you learn with their vehicle?


Damas_gratis OP t1_je3wdor wrote

I have 1 friend and maybe another person to help me drive. 1 friend is willing to help me drive thankfully but he told me it's best if I use my moms car since it's the one I'm gonna be using the most


fh3131 t1_je3wywr wrote

Once you learn to drive, the car won't matter too much as long as both are normal cars without any special operating requirements. I'd recommend learning on an automatic transmission because it's much easier. Learn manual transmission later (or not).


Damas_gratis OP t1_je3x7zl wrote

Any youtube videos you can recommend me ? Definitely will help me


Outrageous-Floor-100 t1_je4zmu2 wrote

I didn’t have anyone that would take time to teach me to drive but I had access to a vehicle (weird situation I know). Where I live it’s not legal to drive alone with your beginners but having someone teach me was not really an option.

There’s a park two blocks away from me that I would go to for sports or exercise, one day I just started taking the car with permission and got used to driving. It would be two stop signs and two turns each way. Eventually I would start taking the car for other small trips and eventually built the skill and confidence.


keepthetips t1_je3w05i wrote

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Fun_Amount3063 t1_je60onx wrote

Y’all have got to stop using this sub as a replacement for Google or as your diary. This is not a catch-all sub.

Take a driver’s education course or ask someone you know to teach you. If you couldn’t come up with either of those on your own (or with a Google search) then you are not intelligent enough to ever get behind the wheel.


rrickitickitavi t1_je3xc97 wrote

Do you think a car will help you make more money? If not than maybe you shouldn't get a car. Knowing how to drive is important though.


Damas_gratis OP t1_je3xgb0 wrote

I dont wana drive or the money. I said I wanted to learn how to drive for emergencies. For my own family cause an ambulance I'm sure would cost alot.