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CBH42 t1_jddbe6w wrote

These ‘life pro tips’ are getting terrible.

Wonder how our ancestors ever survived without these. 🤦‍♂️


bradland t1_jde3023 wrote

LPT: Clean your place.

Ultimate lifehack unlocked!


TAastronautsloth99 t1_jder72e wrote

Next up: LPT: get some friends to call so you have a reason to clean your place


MisinformedGenius t1_jde8x8t wrote

Not quite. LPT: if you have friends, clean your place. Otherwise just wallow in despair.


LorenzoStomp t1_jded6jl wrote

There are people on this website who don't know you need to scrub your legs, I think we'd have to dumb it way further down to get to "too basic to be useful" territory


_Mortal t1_jdctmmj wrote

LPT: just keep your place clean and tidy all the time. That way you don't have to panic clean your slob life.


Independent-Case-306 t1_jdcx6jc wrote

Ah yes, the ol' 'permanent clean' strategy - it's either a genius life hack, or a sign that I need therapy.


_Mortal t1_jdcxevq wrote

Therapy. Just pick your shit up when you're done.


SpacedOutTrashPanda t1_jddfpon wrote

My ADHD brain did not register this.


Kirdei t1_jddzzl9 wrote

Protip: if you need to clean your place, invite friends or family over so you'll panic clean or at least shove everything into the FORBIDDEN ROOM before they arrive.


fairlycertainoctopus t1_jdelocd wrote

Judging by the negative comments I think the real LPT is: don’t be disabled, don’t have children, don’t have a busy life. Everything’s easier that way and your house can be clean enough for random internet strangers to approve of you! Really though, I would be happy to turn my ADHD off so I could manage life and having a clean house 24/7. Unfortunately life just doesn’t work that way for some of us


Kirdei t1_jdem2yp wrote

Unfortunately not. I legitimately can't understand how my mom kept a clean house when I was growing up.


fairlycertainoctopus t1_jdemooj wrote

I suspect my parents both have undiagnosed adhd, our house was rarely clean growing up, its a foreign concept to me


Kirdei t1_jden20u wrote

I suspect I have undiagnosed ADHD, but my doctor didn't take it seriously when I brought it up. Prescribed me some meds, but they were priced way outside what I could afford. Best I can do in my house is mildly controlled chaos.


fairlycertainoctopus t1_jdensg8 wrote

Adhd is such a struggle because it has huge impacts in every area of ones life yet its almost never taken seriously. I had a few teachers growing up suggest I get tested but my mom was weirdly against it for whatever reason. I didn’t get diagnosed until last year at 20 years old, medication is going okay, its not perfect but at the very least it has almost cured my crippling anxiety that resulted from 20 years of trying to be normal and failing :)


Kirdei t1_jdevsn0 wrote

I'm glad it's helping! My doc said I could get tested, but it'd cost about $1000 and so I'm resigned to just dealing with it for now.


SpacedOutTrashPanda t1_jde09uk wrote

Haha for real though! I have the closet of doom haha works the same as a forbidden room but much smaller space to cram things into.


Kirdei t1_jde0o5n wrote

My wife and I had the Room of Doom for years. We moved to a new place last year and I said we needed to not have a Room of Doom. She agreed.

We have a Room of Doom again.


Brownie-UK7 t1_jdd8jr9 wrote

flip a coin. heads you clean up, tails you don't. but cleanup before flipping the coin - it's a win win.


remqm t1_jddftdg wrote

How old are we, 16?


According_Homework31 t1_jddsgxm wrote

LPT: if you are taking a girl to a movie, put on your AXE body spray before you get in the car with your mom, not after, because she will get upset and won’t drive you anymore


fairlycertainoctopus t1_jdekntv wrote

To all the negative comments, if you keep your house clean 24/7 GOOD FOR YOU (although I don’t believe you’ve never had to scramble to tidy up before a guest comes over) but many of us can’t for one reason or another. Mental health, having children (or pets), physical disabilities, busy schedules, etc can make it almost impossible for some of us to keep our houses clean all the time. Personally Im a university student with adhd, two cats, and an adhd partner, our house is almost never perfectly clean and thats OKAY there’s no need to talk down to people who may be struggling a little, you’re not better than someone just because your house is cleaner than theirs. If you think this post is stupid than its not for you so keep scrolling. OP Im sorry people are so rude, I for one appreciated this tip.


ThePerfectEmployee t1_jddbkdq wrote

So you don't keep your house clean unless you have someone coming over???


TheMrDrB t1_jddcmsk wrote

I don't dust and might leave dishes from the night before but that's the extent of it.


dpittnet t1_jddngmm wrote

Seriously delete this OP


ramblingamblinamblin t1_jdexyqc wrote

"Clean your house before you invite someone over to intensify feelings of rejection & shame over wasted effort"


Iwonatoasteroven t1_jddneqt wrote

I find this amusing because I’ve cleaned up many times and then my friend would cancel but I was happy my house was clean.


giggity_0_0 t1_jdet7dt wrote

“Sucks my parents bailed on my baby shower, but at least I can eat off these floors”


regallll t1_jddlbd4 wrote

If it were this easy my place would already be clean.


FindingMyPossible t1_jddmmw3 wrote

That’s not the way my brain works. Deadlines give me motivation.


DvargTheMan t1_jde5v2c wrote

Clean it 3 times... then itll stay cleaner?


Moist_Caregiver t1_jdea3kc wrote

Anytime you feel the urge to pee, start walking towards a toilet. Then, if you have to go, you’re already at the toilet. If you don’t, at least you’ll feel good that you know how to find a toilet.


kurdtpage t1_jdezfia wrote

And also, after you've done a big clean say "oh sorry about the mess"


educated_ape t1_jdf130r wrote

How the f is a life pro tip and who is upvoting this?


Late-Jicama5012 t1_jdf32pz wrote

Not always true or correct.

You also have several LPTs mashed together that have nothing to do with each other.


OmniFella t1_jdfdt18 wrote

Wulllll yeah. I’mma wanna brag to someone about cleaning.


Flair_Helper t1_jdffc1l wrote

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ShadeBaron t1_jddh1td wrote

So I can tell people it's important as an adult to practice logically not talking to strangers and get down voted because everyone is making stupid points like making friends which is obvious.....

But this post is telling you to...... Clean your house before inviting people over

As a life



This sub has changed a lot.


FoghornLegday t1_jdeb3ag wrote

To be fair, they’re actually saying to clean your house whether you have friends coming over or not


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