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Whenever I want to buy something I imagine it as laying around my house with other clutter, unused. This especially helps me when I want to buy new toys for my kids that I know won’t hold their attention for long anyway. It helps a lot with my materialistic tendencies. I also like to walk away, and if I still want it after all that- I’ll usually consider buying it.



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Turboost45 t1_je95bpf wrote

I would say this can help if you are an impulsive buyer by nature.

But if you're not, sometimes it feels nice to treat yourself with an impulsive purchase. I tend to be in this case.


LifelessLewis t1_je95k9i wrote

There's also a difference between clutter and decoration


CkPerena t1_je96r0z wrote

Whenever i buy something, i imagine where I would place it in my room first before getting it.


PatatietPatata t1_je9882e wrote

For bigger pieces of decor or furniture I've heard about the "technique" of having to imagine it in three different rooms/places before committing to it.

It won't work for everything and everyone (1 room studio appartement or something extra specific like a toilet paper holder) of course, but it can inform some decisions like getting that rug that would work both in the living room and bedroom and not the one that can only work in one place ever.


RavenDarkholme084 t1_je9gfqe wrote

Currently debating buying a captain America shield. A prop level $600 captain America shield that looks stunning

But then I realize I don’t need it

But it looks beautiful


Skyblacker t1_jec643y wrote

Con: It's a lot of money. Can you afford it?

Pro: It's pretty.

Pro: You can hang it on wall? (Be sure to use a good mount and stud finder for something that heavy) So it shouldn't take up much space.

Will it make you happy when you see it every day? Imagine moving out of your current home in a few years. Does the shield come with you? Does it give beauty to subsequent homes?


MyKids_Dad t1_je9cq5q wrote

I always told my kids go ahead and buy it but wait three days or week and then decide if you really wanted the item or we would rather have the money for something else. Often wanting something is the exciting part. Once you get home, you may decide you really don’t need it.


Dancanadaboi t1_je9r12l wrote

Explaining the sleep on it or walk away method to a car salesman is hilarious.

"So I can tell you really want the car."

"Yeah I do!"

"Ok so let's go fill out some paper work."

"Not so fast, I have to sleep on it."


Wizard_of_DOI t1_jeb5v83 wrote

Actually had to explain this to someone when looking at a cat! Best case it’s a 20 year commitment to bringing a living being into my home - I‘m gone need to sleep on that.


ImSoBoring890 t1_je9ozde wrote

Another LPT - if you buy a NEW one of something, give an old one away or sell the old one.

Example: blankets and bedspreads. If I need/want a new bedspread I force myself to give an older one away. Having not done that for many years I have accumulated multiple comforters and bedspreads. I keep them because they have sentimental value and because I spent good money on those. But as a single person, do I really need six bedspreads? I do not.

But that's a good way to get clutter gone. Give away something every time you buy a new something, and that includes, many times, CLOTHING.

Like, I still have clothing items I bought at the thrift stores 11 years ago. Why? They still fit! But lately I've been trying to replace those old thrift store clothes as I can with new items.


stillnotelf t1_jea2b5w wrote

I can't imagine wanting a new blanket. The only two criteria I use are "clean and warm" and those take a long time to fail.


MeganOfAsgard t1_je9ybcd wrote

This helps me a lot. Also asking the question "do I ACTUALLY want/need this or am I just thinking about it because it's right in front of me and I like it?"


grogi81 t1_je9fc8j wrote

Wish I did that before I bought table-tennis table.


ShadeBaron t1_je9uyp1 wrote

Just do 90 day rule

Listen I hate to say this but it's a reality somebody has to hear I'm pretty filthy rich and I can buy anything and it has put me into a situation where just like the Clutter that we are talking about it is essentially what happens to most of the things I buy. So I enacted a 90-day Rule and it is very simple if I want something on that day is the first day if I want it 90 days later then and only then am I given the option to actually purchase it. This really sorts things out quite a bit because honestly by the time 90 days is gone usually I have moved on to something else or at the very least I really truly wanted it and couldn't wait till those 90 days had passed to grab it it just sorts things out very quickly without you having to have too much personal biased opinion against it.


DavidAssBednar t1_jeb15qg wrote

Filthy rich? Do you have a high income or a high net worth?


ShadeBaron t1_jeb25qx wrote

Our duel income is around 20k a month


Internet scrutinizer

And normal fashion I am sure that is not enough for you to certify the term

But perspective is reality and is pretty awesome for me. I I believe it's not about how much you make it's about how much you have to spend and we have done really well keeping our expenditures low and fighting off any kind of income creep that we have.


SoldnerDoppel t1_jebjpx5 wrote

Wow! You guys make 20K monthly from dueling? I heard the prize pools could be generous, but I don't want to risk getting banished to the Shadow Realm.


DavidAssBednar t1_jeb48yl wrote

If you’re making $20k/month, and your expenses are low I agree you are rich.

I’ve seen people who make $50k/month and are poorer than poor. They are flat broke because they spend spend spend.

I’ve also seen people who make $5k/month and have tons of money because they are frugal and smart with their money.

Sounds like you’ve got the best of both situations.


ShadeBaron t1_jeb4kq8 wrote

I traded a lot for it honestly

Like my eyesight

My knee

Brain hernia

My ability to work and do my trade

Disabled vet...

Not all glory lol


MiKeMcDnet t1_jeazozq wrote

<Looks at tower of video game consoles and games>



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Admirable-Disaster03 t1_je91wlx wrote

What about impulse shoppers? Not everyone is so amazing at determining what they need vs don't need.

If this advice doesn't apply to you, then just move on. But there are people who it might help. Why you gotta be such a downer?


Puzzleheaded--Fig t1_je90rug wrote

That's a great LPT! I've found that following the one-in, one-out rule helps with controlling clutter as well. Whenever I want to buy something new, especially if it's a non-essential item, I make sure to get rid of something else in my home. This keeps the clutter at bay and ensures I'm only keeping things that I truly need or enjoy. It's a good practice to pair with your visualization technique. Happy decluttering!


TrivalentEssen t1_jebadgs wrote

First, buy things you need. Then, the stuff you really like. Ignore the stuff that’s barely cool, unless very cheap. Things that don’t require much money, learning new cooking recipes, exercise, new language etc. don’t buy an expensive cook book when starting out, or an entire home gym (unless you want to force yourself to do the activity)


ZsaFreigh t1_jec8gwt wrote

Yeah that's why I never bought that replica Portal Gun, or NERF Gjallarhorn.


atlasraven t1_jegp1q1 wrote

It's kinda weird to picture a prostitute laying around the house with my wife.


ShadeBaron t1_jebmhgu wrote

I'm not going to lie I like funny stuff and when people make fun of me but I think you're going to have to elaborate on this because this is this is like kind of low level operations boss man let us know what's up we all want to laugh if it's funny get back to us.