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Amazing_Library_5045 t1_jdmy6x7 wrote

Care to elaborate? Why in general and whats specific about Canada compared to other countries?

Is it just based on your personal experience or as a statement for every Canadian?


Initial_Interest_944 t1_jdmz0ni wrote

Well, having a lawyer on retainer in Canada is like always having an umbrella - you might not need it all the time, but when you do, you'll be glad you have it.


Startrail_wanderer OP t1_jdnb1wq wrote

North American law services are costly and because I have a friend who's a Canadian resident


SrulDog t1_jdmyxmw wrote

Depends on the type of retainer. If it's one where you pay each month even if you don't use services, no. If it's where they just hang on to it until you need services and guarantees theyll take your call/ return emails, then sure.


BlastShell t1_jdn0yge wrote

If you regularly commit crimes, you betcha


Startrail_wanderer OP t1_jdnbc1k wrote

Nah just erring on the side of caution with how callous the cops can be and turn you into a conviction. Case in point one of the videos where cops were trying to arrest teens based on jaywalking


keepthetips t1_jdmwxdd wrote

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