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fh3131 t1_jdxmakn wrote

Thanks, OP. I'll keep that in mind.


Boss_Key_Yacht_ t1_jdxmaet wrote

Ummm Americans know who Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar are …


keepthetips t1_jdxm5ez wrote

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gsrv1234 t1_jdxpvwe wrote

You presume that they want to walk through any country’s street as long as nobody bothers them. You also presume that once players retire and their popularity starts to fade away, they won’t miss the attention they once had.


WechTreck t1_jdxqg4d wrote

They will get bothered. But it's random street crime, nothing personal


Flair_Helper t1_jdyfkpd wrote

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