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Heybroletsparty t1_jdv1vvs wrote

You should always whenever possible drink water with medicine.


Xtrendence OP t1_jdv2web wrote

Yeah I was looking for a sub better suited for tips that make things you shouldn't do easier, but it wasn't unethical or illegal. I generally just use this if I'm on a train without a drink and feel a headache coming on or some other situation where I don't have a drink and can't get one before a headache starts, as when the headache gets bad enough, pills don't help much.

But yes, you're right, it affects absorption and if you're not careful it can get stuck in your throat etc. Just figured there are people out there already dry swallowing, might as well give them a tip to make it easier and at least lessen the negative impact a bit.


adgjl65 t1_jdxhc8p wrote

As someone who had to have an endoscopy as a result of getting pills stuck in my esophagus, I second this advice.


noonewonone t1_jdv4ntl wrote

LPT: It’s easier to swallow pillows when bending your neck forward than it is bending your neck backwards.


tigerCELL t1_jdv6n8j wrote

In the same vein of pill swallowing, I found that drinking water through a straw cancels out the gag reflex and allows even horse pills to go down smoother. I struggled for years until finding this out.


tigerCELL t1_jdv6pb8 wrote

Tried it just now, holy crap it really does flood the mouth


Xtrendence OP t1_jdvr5m2 wrote

I don't know if there's a limit though? Like I only randomly discovered it a few months ago when I was talking about how I like vinegar with lettuce, and noticed I was practically drooling while talking about it. So I tried again and just concentrated on what vinegar would taste like and it happened again. Then I looked it up and learned we produce additional saliva when eating acidic things to protect our throat and such as it's going down. It's happening as I type this just thinking about it.

Since then I just use it if my mouth feels dry, or I need to take a pill but don't have a drink etc. But yeah I don't know if your body will eventually learn you're not actually eating anything or if it's just programmed to do it at the mere thought rather than smell or taste.


SimplyNRG t1_jdv8mpj wrote

This doesn't work to fix my cottonmouth when I'm high af


keepthetips t1_jdv1rkv wrote

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ldskyfly t1_jdvr8mg wrote

In what situation would you have access to one of those acidic liquids but not water?

Are there any meds that they say you definitely shouldn't use with water? There are plenty that say do not consume any citrus within x amount of time. It throws off the extended release performance

Edit, reread as "thinking about" those things... gotcha


Xtrendence OP t1_jdvrimn wrote

You don't actually need those liquids/foods. Just think for a few seconds about how they'd taste, how it'd feel in your mouth etc. And it should work.

Think about the smell of vinegar, the taste, that almost stinging piercing taste. Works for me!


Amazing_Library_5045 t1_jdv2pzd wrote

Finally a real LPT and not just a personal opinion!

Great advice! Thanks


Xtrendence OP t1_jdv33ed wrote

Do heed the warning of the other person that commented and avoid doing it when you don't need to, he does make a valid point.