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tony_boxacannoli t1_jecnfkk wrote

I had a spring let loose in my garage one night ...I thought someone was busting down a door... that spring could have killed someone.....was not tethered. This setup came with the house when we bought it....there was no electric garage door opener installed.


PT_IsWithMe t1_jeddcfe wrote

Thank you!

I just had the center mount bracket pull the lag bolts out of the wall and I had a significant moment of "the willies" when I thought about the spring's power to destroy.

Had I known a safety wire was a thing, I would have paid the repair tech install one.


Skaarhybrid t1_jeej3o0 wrote

YAY! SPRING BREAK !!!! ....wrong sub.......sorry


keepthetips t1_jeclhb2 wrote

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