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Even if the normal fits a large penis initially, it has a higher chance of breaking and can cut off circulation compromising the erection. And if you only bring a large sized condom and the penis is normal-smaller sized, it has a higher chance of slipping off.

Another LPT- bring latex free varieties for even greater inclusivity



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HollowofHaze t1_jd8txv0 wrote

"Did you bring protection?"

*opens trench coat to reveal dozens of condom varieties hanging from the lining* "See anything you like?"


SimplyNRG t1_jd8x6ug wrote

Pull it out your boot and recite the lines from "Pretty Woman" 😂


Blayway420 t1_jd8tpcw wrote

LPT- try before you buy


IllMonitor7559 t1_jd8u5bm wrote

Unless of course you're already shopping for a wedding dress, then it's probably too late for that.


SrLlemington OP t1_jd8vcj2 wrote

Well, hopefully its buy, try, then buy and try again if it doesn't fit. Don't think stores would like it if you tried a condom before you bought it... 😆


ChrisGeritol t1_jdahdsz wrote

It is the guy's responsibility to bring condoms. If he doesn't, keep your legs closed.


keepthetips t1_jd8r0mp wrote

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SimplyNRG t1_jd8t8yi wrote

Absolutely not...coconut oil disintegrates condoms and should never be used as lube


SrLlemington OP t1_jd8tltr wrote

Yes, but it is a fine lube if you're not using condoms. But this post is about condoms so 😆


SimplyNRG t1_jd8ty52 wrote

Not really...causes BV and a variety of other PH issues...


SrLlemington OP t1_jd8v0pc wrote

Oops, yeah probably best to stick to lubes made for that purpose


SimplyNRG t1_jd8xiwi wrote

It really a SW I can wholeheartedly say lube is your best friend and finding the best one that balances well with your vagina is KEY!!!


SrLlemington OP t1_jd8taxk wrote

Not with latex condoms! Oil can cause them to break down. Stick with a water based lubricant instead, but otherwise I agree, lube is important!