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i_cant_have_dairy t1_je5smi7 wrote

I'll personally think you're creepy but hey, you do you


Jake_the3rd t1_je5swtc wrote

well it would def depend onhow well you know the person. if theyre a good friend, sure why not iguess. some1 you hardly know? not a good idea


CurlSagan t1_je5xotv wrote

This trick has been used by kindergarten teachers as well as bar bouncers. Speak softly, and they have to shut up in order to hear what you're saying. Also, if you need to remove a toddler and/or drunk guy from a situation, it gives you an excuse to say, "Let's go talk over there so we can hear each other."

But this only works if the drunk toddler actually cares what you're saying.


ThatsALotOfOranges t1_je68x77 wrote

LPT: If you want someone's attention and they seem to be ignoring you, that means that do not want to talk to you and you should leave them alone.


keepthetips t1_je5sh56 wrote

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