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mbulsht t1_jd5hzz7 wrote

Everybody lies. Those that claim they don't and truly mean it are only lying to themselves.

Yes, you shouldn't be a dickhead when people are sharing personal stories, and you shouldn't act as though everyone is out to get you. It does you no good to be the "debbie downer" of your friend group. But there is nothing wrong with preparing for the worst in a given situation. A cynical outlook doesn't form in a vacuum, such things are often born from experience.

The world is a harsh place, people around you are going to try and take advantage of you. It's better to be guarded than to just go around assuming the world is kind.

"Your perception is your reality" is a very naïve way of approaching the world.

This way of thinking is a great way to trick yourself into having a relationship with controlling narcissist. And that's not me being cynical. It's me speaking from experience. The place that cynicism comes from.


PhoneQuomo t1_jd5jm2x wrote

This philosophy is from a privileged life, most likely a rich kid who can/has been insulated from the bad people out there and can afford to ignore them.