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negativelightningdog t1_jd5zm5x wrote

I'm going to assume OP is younger and doesn't know any better. Of course giving the benefit of the doubt is good advice in some areas, but if someone tells me to send them $100 and they will send back $500 is just not realistic. You have to pick and choose where you should place your trust in others, and that comes with time and experience. Keep a positive outlook OP, but don't let people take advantage of your kindness.


Alcoraiden OP t1_jd64b8w wrote

I am not, in fact, young. I just am naturally depressive and don't need to be cynical on top of it. I try to be the opposite.

People here keep making this about being fleeced. I mean just the little things in life. Like if someone snaps at you, they're probably having a bad day. If they cut you off in traffic, they're probably in a hurry.

If I didn't use my own tip, I'd be angry at everyone all the time.